Nihilo Concepts Holeshot Device Fork Guard Bracket

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Product Nihilo Concepts Holeshot Device Fork Guard Bracket
Miscellaneous The Nihilo Concepts Holeshot Devise Fork Guard Bracket is a must for any bike that has a holeshot device mounted. The bracket is mounted at the bottom of the fork guard strengthening the plastic guard and preventing the bolt-on points from ripping out while the device is latched. The Fork Guard Bracket will work with any starting device brand and is made from precision cut high strength stainless steel. Included in the kit are 1 bracket, 1 countersink bolt and 1 thread locking nut. Uses stock lower fork guards bolt. Stop ripping fork guards off fork legs from holeshot devices. Used by top pro's and amateurs. 1 bracket is usually good enough for mini bikes, while 2 is used on big bikes.
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