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Tested: Fly Racing F2 Carbon Helmet
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Fly Racing has been around just short of 20 years and in that time, they've gone from selling handlebars and low-end helmets, to being a top-of-the-line gear manufacturer. Over the past couple of years, Fly has really stepped up with their helmet development; focusing on creating a safe, comfortable, durable, and reasonably affordable level helmet. Considering that Trey Canard, Andrew Short and many more of their top athletes regularly wear and race in the F2 Carbon, I thought this mid-range helmet had to be worth a try.

Fly F2 Carbon Helmet Features:

  • Composite construction shell - aircraft-grade woven carbon fiber and Kevlar® composite.
  • Dual-density EPS liner - two layers of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene).
  • Quick-release washable CoolMax® comfort liner and cheek pads.
  • SNELL M2010, DOT approved.
  • MSRP $319.95.

First Impressions

The Fly F2 carbon helmet is the second-tier helmet in Fly's lineup, behind the Formula Facet helmet. Straight out of the bag, there's not too much of a notable difference between the F2 and the Formula, besides a couple different ventilation designs and the mouthpiece. Overall, the shape of the helmet is pretty normal, with an exception of some of the ventilation systems running along the front side and also the back of the helmet.

My initial thought when I put the helmet on was how comfortable it was. Having never worn a Fly helmet before, I was definitely skeptical, but the fit was virtually perfect for me. It had an overall snug feel, but nothing too tight by any means, which is absolutely better than having a sloppy-fitting helmet with gaps. One of the most standout features that I noticed right away was the helmet liner and how comfortable the general feel was.

Initially, it did feel as if the mouthpiece area was a bit tight and the 100% goggles I wear were going to be cutting it close, but they managed to squeak in. In some cases, the mouthpiece may not provide enough room for goggles with noseguards, depending upon the shape of your face.

On the Track

Compared to previous helmets I've worn (the latest has been a Shoei VFX-W), the F2 Carbon is by far the lightest helmet I've ever tried without a doubt. The comfort level of the helmet, combined with the light weight, meant that it took virtually no time to get used to or become comfortable with spinning laps while wearing it. The second most noticeable thing that grabbed my attention was how well the ventilation system worked.

At first, it honestly took me a couple laps to adjust to the ventilation system because of the noise I could hear coming in. After a few laps however, this wasn't an issue and was something I was really becoming impressed with. As the temperatures have been rising, I was surprised at how much less I was sweating and how dry the liner stayed during the long motos.As for the fit while riding, I never felt the helmet slid in any unusual directions, and it stayed in place even during the most abrupt motions.

Long-Term Durability

Without taking a major impact crash to the helmet, it's tough to truly put the helmet to test in a durability situation. So far I've encountered your typical slow-speed corner crashes, which sometimes can be the worst concussion culprits, and everything has held up great so far. The liner has also worn well, even after multiple trips through the washing machine, the comfort and durability haven't seemed to fade at all. The overall fit has maintained quite a snug type feeling as well, as there hasn't been any additional slop or movement in the helmet from my first ride.

Last Words

The Fly F2 Carbon helmet was hugely impressive for me as an all around helmet. With a retail price of $320, I feel that the F2 Carbon helmet is possibly the best helmet in its price range. It's an absolute bang-for-the-buck winner with some of its features, and its general fit and wear. I can truthfully say that I would confidently consider buying this helmet at the listed retail price. There are helmets better than the F2 Carbon on the market, but I don't think you will find another helmet of the same quality at this relatively affordable price range.

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Review by Jessie Huntley // Photos by Michael Lindsay


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Fly Racing F2 Carbon Helmet
Shell is constructed using woven Carbon fiber and Kevlar® composite materials. Dual density EPS liner combines two layers of EPS.
White and black, red and black, red and hi-vis, purple and orange, hi-vis and pink, Rockstar Energy, Dragon Alliance, orange, black, red, black and yellow, white and teal, pink and white, gray and white
Solid: $309.95
Animal: $329.95
Pure: $329.95
Rockstar: $329.95
Dragon: $329.95
Cold Weather: $339.95
MIPS Replicas: $399.95
MIPS Retrospec: $399.95
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