Arai Vx Pro 3 Nitrous Helmet (discontinued)

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Product Arai Vx Pro 3 Nitrous Helmet
Miscellaneous Shell Construction: A proprietary CLC (Complex Laminate Construction) that utilizes fiberglass technology to achieve a strong, flexible shell in a lightweight package Radical peak design that actually scavenges and forces more air into the forehead vent ports for improved cooling Uses multiple relief ports to reduce bucketing at higher speeds Subtle shell recess to allow a better fit and seal of goggles on the faceForward Tilt Chin bar: 11mm forward tilt in the upper chin bar nose area Gives you more room and a more open feeling The length and radius of the chin bar are unchanged, minimizing protrusionRounded Chin bar: This unique shape minimizes protrusion, making it less likely to catch and dig in during a spill The oval form is actually based on an egg, long known for its extremely strong and efficient shapeOne Piece Grill: 1 piece, stamped formed stainless steel expanded mesh screen provides a durable barrier against roost Minimizes mu
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