Replay XD Xd720 Video Camera Complete System



Replay XD Xd720 Video Camera Complete System
A Smaller Package Replay XD720 features truly amazing HD video from an amazingly small package. Mimicking the already class- leading design and versatility of the Replay XD1080 camera, they've somehow made it even smaller.Mount it Anywhere:Replay XD720 can be mounted nearly anywhere due to its small form-factor and all-round shape. There are two mounts included with each system to get you recording in no-time.HeimLock Mount (Swivel/Tilt): Features spherical adjustment with an eccentric cam-lock for a rock solid mount. Over 1,036,800 Mounting Positions with 360deg lens rotation, 360deg camera rotation, and 8deg of tilt, not including the unlimited areas you can mount 1 of 4 included SnapTray VHB bases.Included are 2 Flat SnapTrays and 2 Curved SnapTrays with 3M(R) VHB adhesive to securely mount to smooth surfaces: metal, paint, powdercoat, LSE & HSE plastic. 3M(R) VHB adhesive ensures secure mounting and removal without harming your surface.LowBoy Mount (Fixed): Lowest profile mount, offers 360deg lens rotation. Designed to be low and out-of-the-way. Compatible with Replay XD SnapTray VHB bases.HardCore (Billet): Optional billet-aluminum pro mounts are available for the most demanding action and motorsport applications. Tubular, Flat, Curved, Tripod, Universal, & Specialty mounts are available.60 Frames Per Second of Magic:Capture smooth video at 60 frames per second. Replay XD has taken the most popular video setting and made it standard on the Replay XD720. You can record at 30 fps or record at 60 fps to play smooth video, at full speed, or see even more detail when you slow it down, frame-by-frame.Enjoy The Natural View:Every Replay XD720 lens is hand picked and finely-tuned to give your video better clarity, accurate color, all with minimal image distortion.Replay XD720 also features a removable front lens bezel to accept the ProLens 37MM Adapter for aftermarket Lens & Filter kits.Professional Audio:Replay XD720 features a custom designed Internal Mic for full and rich audio. You can hear details that the others can't match. Replay XD720 also has an External Audio option, so you can use the Replay XD Mic Kit or another Aux audio source for crystal clear sound.External Audio Line-In available via Replay XD720 Mic Kit.A Simple Touch:Switch from 60 fps to 30 fps or Internal Audio to External Audio with the flip of a switch. The Power and Record buttons require one simple touch, with specific vibration feedback and indicator lights for each command. Replay XD just set a new standard for simplicity.Smaller, Lighter, & Smaller:Replay XD720 is smaller and lighter so you don't have to feel it. With its ultra-low profile and small size, Replay XD720 is perfect for weight demanding applications.Still Rugged & Resilient:Replay XD continues the tradition of superior craftsmanship. Replay XD720 features a high-strength aerospace aluminum body - Mil-Spec hard-anodized for extreme durability to withstand the inherent demands of video-actionography.Weather-resistance is a must when dealing with action-cameras, so Replay XD720 features a double o-ring sealed lens bezel, rear cap, and top push buttons to keep out those harsh elements.
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