Trail Tech Vapor/Vector/Striker Computer Replacement Handlebar Mounting Hardware

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Product Trail Tech Vapor/Vector/Striker Computer Replacement Handlebar Mounting Hardware
Miscellaneous Replacement hardware for mounting Trail Tech Striker, Vapor and Vector speedometers to handlebars Mount a Trail Tech digital motorcycle/quad voltmeter, tachometer, or speedometer to 7/8 through 1-1/8 bars Lockable, adjustable viewing angle Mounts are included with all Trail Tech digital gauge kits Striker, Vapor and Vector computers sold separately Fits vehicles:1998 YAMAHA YZ 125K1;1994 YAMAHA YFZ 350F BANSHEE;1995 HONDA TRX 300EXN FOURTRAX;1995 YAMAHA YFM 350FXG WOLVERINE;1995 YAMAHA YFS 200G BLASTER;2006 YAMAHA YXR 66FAHV RHINO 4WD;1996 HONDA TRX 300EXNT FOURTRAX;1994 YAMAHA YFS 200F BLASTER;1996 YAMAHA YFM 350FXH WOLVERINE;1996 YAMAHA YFM 350XH WARRIOR;1996 YAMAHA YFZ 350H BANSHEE;2002 POLARIS RANGER 2X4;2002 POLARIS RANGER 4X4;2002 POLARIS RANGER 6X6;2003 POLARIS RANGER 2X4;2003 POLARIS RANGER 4X4;2003 POLARIS RANGER 6X6;2004 YAMAHA VINO 125;2004 YAMAHA YZ 125;2006 YAMAHA YXR 66FAEXHV RHINO EXP;1991 YAMAHA YFS 200B BLASTER;1996 YAMAHA YFS 200H BLASTER;1988 HONDA TRX 250R FOURTRAX;1994 HONDA TRX 300EXN FOURTRAX;1986 HONDA TRX 250R;1987 HONDA TRX 250R;1987 YAMAHA YFZ 350T BANSHEE;1992 YAMAHA YFM 350XD WARRIOR;1988 YAMAHA YFM 350XU WARRIOR;1988 YAMAHA YFS 200U BLASTER;1988 YAMAHA YFZ 350U BANSHEE;1989 HONDA TRX 250RK FOURTRAX;1993 YAMAHA YFM 350XE WARRIOR;1987 YAMAHA YFM 350XT WARRIOR;1989 YAMAHA YFM 350XW WARRIOR;1993 YAMAHA YFS 200E BLASTE
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