RG3 Rg3 Top Clamp With Renthal Fat Bar Combo

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Product RG3 Rg3 Top Clamp With Renthal Fat Bar Combo
Miscellaneous RG3 Top Clamp:The RG3 Gen2 Triple Clamps feature greater strength, durability and improved flex characteristics.The RG3 clamps utilize a unique, patented system that provides all the advantages of a rubber-mounted system without the disadvantages.Rubber mount points stabilize the bar clamps while absorbing shock and vibration that would otherwise be transmitted to the rider's hands.The likelihood of armpump and rider fatigue is greatly reduced as is the tendency to twist the bar mounts in the advent of a fall or hard landing.Renthal Fat Bars:Requires oversized mounts.1-1/8 (28.6 mm) diameter, aluminum alloy, taper-wall, brace-less handlebar.Combines excellent strength with good resilience.This bar is particularly applicable where the lack of a crossbrace is of special importance.
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