Fasst Company Flexx 1 1/8 Handlebars



Fasst Company Flexx 1 1/8 Handlebars
Fasst Company Flexx Handlebars The Flexx Handlebar absorbs shock and vibration that is transferred to your body, allowing you to ride longer, at a faster pace with more control. Simply put, you will have a better racing results, more fun riding or better time exploring with Flexx Handlebars controlling your day. Fasst's technology doesn't happen by accident. It's been honed, shaped, reviewed, tested and re-tested with the goal of more control with less abuse always in mind. The cumulative effects of their experience are offered in today's Flexx Handlebar. they have eliminated maintenance, decreased friction and further reduced vibration to offer you an exceptional ownership experience that will allow you a better day of riding. The design was originally intended to absorb catastrophic impacts for instance casing a jump or hitting a large g-out. The reality of the system's performance is a massive reduction in shock and abuse transferred to the rider throughout all types of terrain. Fasst Co takes great pride in bringing you the only 100% American Made handlebar. The Flexx Handlebar is a labor-intensive product. Exclusively constructed out of two different states of 7000 series aluminum; employing the latest technology in CNC machining and extrusion methods, Fasst's handlebars are made with the utmost hands-on precision and care. Strict tolerances are checked many times over by a highly qualified production crew, ensuring that every component of the Flexx Handlebar goes out thier doors with unparalleled accuracy. Features: Dramatically reduces vibration - The aluminum (material of the handlebar) to rubber (elastomer) interference dampers the vibrations commonly felt at your hands Less arm pump & fatigue - The absorbing action of the Flexx Handlebar results in less abuse transferred to the rider, greatly reducing arm pump and fatigue Tunable to your needs - Elastomers (available in four densities) absorb the abuse typically transferred to your upper body Includes Silver handlebar pad, 4 sets of compression elastomers and 1 set of rebound elastomers along with the bars
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