BBR Motorsports 7/8 Standard Handlebar Kit

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Product BBR Motorsports 7/8 Standard Handlebar Kit
Miscellaneous BBR Handlebar Kit Raises the handlebars for adult back-yard racing. The only kit available with all necessary parts. CRF/XR/TTR Features: Anodized, CNC machined, billet aluminum top clamp Chrome-moly 8 rise handlebar Front brake lever with long cable Standard turn throttle with long cable and custom carb top (stock carb) CR type kill button with long length wires BBR crossbar pad and BBR grips Grip glue, instructions, and 6mm hex key wrench included KLX/DRZ Features: Handlebars Triple clamp Brake lever Brake cable +5 Grips **Note: Stock controls will not fit on standard 7/8 bars. This kit includes necessary parts including new controls. **Closeouts are limited to stock on hand**
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