Applied Racing R/S Triple Clamp Kit With Pro Taper Evo Handlebar Combo

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Product Applied Racing R/S Triple Clamp Kit With Pro Taper Evo Handlebar Combo
Miscellaneous The Applied R/S Triple Clamp Kit With Pro Taper Evo Handlebar Combo includes one each of the following:Applied R/S Triple Clamp Kit With Oversized Bar Mounts:The new RS line is unlike any on the market today. The rubber / solid design is the best of both worlds.Superior system to the previous conical-shaped bushings.Proprietary urethane elastomer bushings provide excellent vibration damping characteristics; this strong and abrasion-resistant formula withstands over 2200 PSI.The elastomer bushings are contained in machined pockets on the top clamp, then precision machined.Stainless steel collars are inserted into the elastomer bushings providing a mechanical restraint while still isolating the bar mounts from vibration.The bar mount is then secured with a strong grade 10.9 bolt.The proper torque secures the bar mount and pre-loads the elastomer bushings; pre-load ensures the bushings completely fill the pockets and isolate the bar mounts.Also included in the kit is a set of 6061 aluminum bushings; these precision-machined solid bushings fit into the pockets in place of the elastomer bushings and create a solid mount system.For oversized bars.Feature offset mounting holes for adjusting handlebar location.Top it off with the included one-piece bar clamp to tie both mounts together and you have a twist-free rubber or solid system.Includes R/S top triple clamp, elastomer and solid bushings, bar mounts, one-piece bar clamp, and hardware.Made in the U.S.A.Note: Clamp has same offset and height as O.E.M.Pro Taper Evo Handlebars - Oversize 1-1/8:Made with Aerospace 2050 aluminum.New chemically-applied un-sticker graphics.Knurled clutch side for secure grip hold.1/4 cut guides for precise modification.Note: Pad sold separately.
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