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Product Tag Metals Tag Rebound Grips Twist Throttle
Miscellaneous The Tag Rebound Tech Dual Compound Grip matrix surrounds the MX grip in a DNA-molded molecular structure. This places 40% more cushioning material in strategic places along the entire shaft of the motocross grip. By strategically placing this material where it's needed, and not placing it where it isn't needed; Tag has been able to achieve a minimal grip diameter. This gives you all the benefits of Tag's exclusive Rebound Technology. This material is placed in the sensitive thumb area and throughout the entire shaft which acts as suspension for your hands, offering more cushioning and damping against vibration and musculoskeletal stress. With 40% more soft compound material throughout the DNA-modeled wrap of larger diamonds; the Tag Rebound Tech Dual Compound Motocross Grip allows you to race harder and longer. For twist throttle only.
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