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Tested: Scott SX II Grips
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Review and Photos by Andre Barbosa

As fair warning, I'm very particular about grips. I guess it all started in my early riding days, when I was constantly battling the blisters in the palm of my hands. In search of a remedy I experimented with numerous different grips; with varying compounds, diameters, and designs entering the equation through the years. Over time, the blisters were finally replaced by calluses, but my fascination with grips stayed for good. When the chance to test the Scott SX II grips presented itself, I immediately volunteered.

Scott SX II Grips Highlights:

  • Double-density grip with a firm inner compound and a softer outer pattern
  • Full-diamond design
  • A firm inner compound with a softer outer diamond pattern
  • Integrated safety wire channel
  • MSRP: $12.99

First Impressions:

As I opened the packaging, I was pleasantly surprised by a soft diamond texture that feels very grippy and comfortable. The inner core and end caps use a harder compound, which should go a long way towards increasing the grip’s durability.

A very minor concern was the color. I had selected the green/black combo, but the color didn't quite match the bright green of my KXF. Once I had them on the bike and could compare, they turned out to be more a of a neon yellow. Installation however was a breeze, with the integrated safety wire channels making it easy to properly wire the grips. I usually choose a more traditional half-waffle pattern, as it's worked well for me in the past, but I was curious to try the full-diamond pattern.

On the Track:

Once in motion two things became apparent, one good, and one bad. The positive side is that Scott did a terrific job selecting the soft compound for the outer-diamond texture, which feels very plush. The bad news is that it feels thicker than the half-waffle grips I usually have on my bikes. However, I did get used to the sensation rather quickly, and it didn't bother me after the first couple of rides.

Switching between my two bikes, one with the Scott grips and the other with half-waffle pattern grips, was another story, as it always takes me a moto to adapt again to the Scott grips. I guess I should either put these grips on both bikes, or go back to the half waffles. In regards to blisters, I'm happy to report that I encountered none while riding with the SX II grips.

Long Term Durability:

I have a theory that grip durability should be analyzed based on two separate criteria. The first one is crash resistance; I did crash a couple of times, hitting the ground with the left grip on both instances. They were only minor tip-overs, but the hard compound on the end cap did a terrific job saving the grip from rips and tears. Thankfully, I didn't experience any big wrecks (knock on wood), but I feel that the Scott SX II grips would stand a better chance of surviving one than most of its competitors.

The second criteria is normal wear and tear, excluding crash damage. I'm happy to report that these grips wear very well, which is surprising given how plush and soft the diamond compound is. After about 15 hours of use, the grips still look to be in good condition, and the diamond compound became more comfortable as time passed. I usually wear the thumb-area first on any grip, and this was also the case with this product. In fact, the wear on the throttle grip was probably accelerated by my habit of over-tightening the safety wire.

The Last Word: 4 stars

Grips are highly dependent on your personal preference, so it is nearly impossible to have a product that will please every rider. Given that I historically gravitated towards half-waffle designs, I was a bit skeptical about trying the Scott SX II grips. However, I was pleasantly surprised, and I give them high marks for their ability to combine durability with a plush feel. For those of you with larger hands and prefer slightly larger diameter grips, I would say this is a 4.5 star product. If you have smaller hands like me (I wear medium gloves), I give them 4 stars.

About the Test Rider:

Andre Barbosa is a part-time photographer / videographer, part-time film student, and full-time motocross enthusiast. He started as a mechanical engineer, because of his love for all things motorcycle related, but switched to the banking industry after getting his MBA. He currently lives in Irvine, and can be found riding the local SoCal tracks a couple of times a week. Although he regularly raced Districts 6 and 34 when he lived in NYC, currently his friends call him a professional practice rider.


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Scott USA SXII Grips
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