ProTaper Tri-Density Half Waffle MX Grip

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Tested: Pro Taper Tri-Density Half Waffle Grips
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Review and Photos by Joe Carlino

At some point almost every rider will crash, then lift it up to find that the end of the grip is shredded and the handlebar exposed. This is not only a bummer, but could also be the end of your day at the track. The new Pro Taper Tri-Density grips are designed to withstand more abuse on the grip ends, yet leaving the compound in the contact area of your hands tacky and comfortable.

Pro Taper Tri-Density Half Waffle Grips Features:

  • Three different compounds are built in to create comfort, traction, and durability.
  • Anti-rip bar end tip increases grip life.
  • Available in full diamond and half waffle patterns.
  • Inner core compound perfects the bonding interface with bars.
  • Available in red, blue, yellow, green, orange and white. (Colors apply to the grip end only).
  • MSRP: $14.95

First impressions:

At first glance you'll think this grip looks similar to its competitors...just a normal grip. Pricewise, it’s also on par with the rest of the grip market. But what stands out is that to the touch, the Tri-Density allows for a softer and tackier material than a normal grip. This immediately made me want to take them for a ride! Instillation was simple, they slide on like normal grips and can be connected to the bar using safety wire, grip glue, or whatever type of adhesive you prefer.

On the Track:

Over the past year, I've been running Pro Taper's Pillow Top and Pillow Top Lite grip with great success. But in comparison, what I really enjoyed about the Tri-Density its unique feel. It utilizes a soft outer compound for your palm, while having the added durability of the harder inner compound and grip end material. On top of that, the grips also held their place on the handlebar throughout many days of hard riding.

Long-Term Durability:

This is where the Tri-Density grips stand out amongst their competition. Their durability is quite excellent due to the harder inner compound and harden ends. Thanks to this, these grips will last much longer than any standard soft compound grips that have comparable grip and traction to these.

The Last Word:

Is a grip just a grip? In some cases the answer is yes. But the three compound design offered on the Tri-Density grip takes the standard grip a step further. With a firmer compound on the ends to add durability in case of a crash, a soft half waffle grip area, and a hard compound designed for better bonding between the bar and inside of the grip. All-in-all, this combination of compounds creates a great grip that you should consider the next time you want to put some fresh meat on the bars. For $15, you can’t go wrong with these grips!

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Check out for more information on their complete grip line and their other products.

About the Test Rider:

Joe Carlino - is the guy next door. He looks for products with best value and buys them right off the shelf, just like you. He’s gained experience from being on two wheels since he was a kid. He has bought, built, repaired, and ridden everything from BMX bikes to vintage motorcycles to motocross bikes. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, he spends 75 percent of his free time riding the sticky dirt tracks of Washougal and Mountain View and the rest of his time riding the prime single track trails of Tillamook Forest and Hood River. Joe makes a hobby of this when he’s not traveling the world making snowboarding films for Nike SB. With ten years of experience in the action sports industry, he has an honest look at these products from a consumer’s point of view.


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ProTaper Tri-Density Half Waffle MX Grip
• Inner core compound perfects the bonding interface with bars
• Anti-Rip Tip uses denser compound to increase life of grip
• Tacky gel-like surface compound is perfect for less arm fatigue
• For twist throttle use only
• Colors: Grey/Red, Grey/Blue, Grey/Green, Grey/Orange, Grey/White
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