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Tested: Scott Tyrant Goggle

Rating: Vital Review

Review and photos by Andre Barbosa

Scott has been making motocross goggles since 1970, and I recently had the opportunity to test their Tyrant model. Over the years I have used several different brands of goggles, including Scott, with varying levels of success, but this was my first experience with the Tyrant goggles. I also tend to be more concerned about goggles than the average user because I wear contact lenses, and they do not mix well with sweat or even the tiniest bit of dirt.


Scott Tyrant Features:

  • Scott Fit System for optimized face fit.
  • RAM Revolutionary Air Management for active frame venting.
  • NoSweat 3.2 face foam.
  • Durable silicone-lined strap.
  • Mounted, adjustable nose guard.
  • Scott TruView single Works lens.
  • NoFog anti-fog lens treatment.
  • MSRP as tested: $89.99

First Impressions:

As I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised to see the goggles mounted with a silver chrome lens and that it included a free clear lens as part of the package. Also included were a high quality fleece goggle bag and the tool to adjust the Scott Fit System. This particular goggle was in the Plasma Black color theme, which isn't one of my favorites. Fortunately, Scott also offers several attractive color options for the Tyrant model.


I immediately set out to adjust the Fit System, which was a fairly easy and intuitive task with the provided adjustment tool. In a couple of minutes, I experimented with all the settings and quickly found the adjustments that provided the best fit for me. I highly recommend you don’t skip this step, as it's a simple process that makes a big difference in getting the perfect fit for your face.

On the Track:

The Tyrant goggle has a medium sized frame that fit well in both my Shoei VFX-W and Arai VX-Pro. In the past, I have had some problems with models from other brands not working well with the Shoei, as they hit the helmet padding on the sides and didn't seal well against my face. The Tyrant on the other hand was great with the Shoei, and maybe even better with the Arai. The frame rested comfortably against my face and providing a perfect seal against dirt or dust, while still allowing good ventilation.


My attention was then focused on sweat absorption, a critical factor for me since I have the unfortunate combination of wearing contacts and also sweating profusely. After many days at the track, I can attest that the multi-layer 3.2 face foam does a good job at preventing sweat from reaching my eyes. Since this is an important area for me, I like to bring multiple goggles to the track so I can start each moto with a fresh set. This allowed me to compare the Tyrant head-to-head with models from other brands, and the Scott clearly came out as having one of the top foam systems available.

Long-Term Durability:

The strap is holding up exceptionally well, as I've only had to adjust it a couple of times in several months. The No Sweat foam is also in great shape, as are the other areas of foam that prevent dirt from entering the frame. The Silver Chrome lens that came pre-installed looks great when brand new, and has a nice tint to it. But sadly, it scratches easily and was quickly replaced by the included clear lens. Also an interesting point is that the fleece goggle bag is a great material to clean the lens with.


The Last Word:

The Tyrants are a premium goggle that fit comfortably and has held up well with the time I've spent with them. I love the fact that it came with two lenses. If I were to nitpick though, I'd prefer a gray lens instead of the Silver Chrome that came with my set, as they scratch too easily. The No Sweat 3.2 foam is a winner, and the Perfect Fit system allows enough adjustment to make it comfortable for different face formats. Overall it's a great product made by a company with a long history of supporting motocross.

Vital MX Rating:


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About the Test Rider:

Andre Barbosa - is a part-time photographer / videographer, part-time film student, and full-time motocross enthusiast. He started as a mechanical engineer, because of his love for all things motorcycle related, but switched to the banking industry after getting his MBA. He currently lives in Irvine, and can be found riding the local SoCal tracks a couple of times a week. Although he regularly raced Districts 6 and 34 when he lived in NYC, currently his friends call him a professional practice rider.


Product Scott USA Tyrant Goggles
Features The Tyrant goggle features cutting edge design and features. The Tyrant goggle has been carefully engineered to achieve optimum fit, moisture management and venting. For ease of use, the Scott Fit System can now be accessed on the outside of the goggle. To further improve comfort, outriggers have been added to more evenly distribute goggle tension, and to manage perspiration, the Tyrant comes equipped with the proven No Sweat 3.2 face foam. The Tyrant also features the exclusive adjustable nose guard and comes with either a clear or chrome Works lens.
Price $89.99
More Info
  • Scott Fit System for optimized face fit.
  • RAM Revolutionary Air Management for active frame venting.
  • NoSweat 3.2 face foam.
  • Durable silicone-lined strap.
  • Mounted, adjustable nose guard.

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