Klim Radius Pro Brille Weave Goggles

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Product Klim Radius Pro Brille Weave Goggles
Miscellaneous Klim Radius Pro Brille Weave GogglesKLIM strives to develop the most advanced and trusted snowmobile goggle on the planet which is why we've traveled the world over to find premium materials, state-of-the art technology and breakthrough manufacturers in the newest improvements to the Radius Goggle.The Radius Goggle is built to perform in the harshest riding conditions and deliver technical solutions to the pain points riders may encounter. KLIM holds true to their uncompromised standards in fog proofing, field of vision, lens durability, ventilation and comfort to bring you the next chapter in winter optical excellence.The Radius Goggle set the bar for snowmobile goggles. Klim just raised it again.Here's why the Radius Goggle is the best:GEMIN-EYE ANTI-FOG: Anti-fog treatments were first developed by NASA during project Gemini to provide their spacesuit with a lens that would fight condensation in space. Likewise, the best snowmobile goggle should perform for every rider and withstand extreme conditions. After sourcing the best materials and methods around the globe, KLIM is the first to offer GeminEYE anti-fog. Rather than a simple hand application on one side of the lens, we dip the entire inner lens in the GeminEYE formula as a dual shield against fog up to 3X longer than our previous best lens.The lens is thermally bonded for 24 hours then heated again during production to evaporate any moisture that may have built up during the manufacturing process for a vivid lens throughout the Radius Goggle's entire field of vision.When it comes to eliminating fog and performing better and longer, GeminEYE is the answer.FOV+ GEOMETRY: Every dimension of the Radius goggle skeleton has been meticulously engineered to provide the most unobtrusive peripheral Field of View (FOV) available. From frame dimensions and strap outrigger* angles to the width of our dual-lens gasket material and FOAM3 (see below) system, every component of the Radius goggle is designed to disappear from your vision as soon as you put it on. Intense engineering allows the Radius to combine high-peripheral vision with AIRCHAMBER (see below) maximum volume construction-providing the unique benefits of a deep-chambered goggle that doesn't impede your vision. GeminEYE Anti-Fog FOV+ Geometry Quad Tested PolyCarb Lens AIRCHAMBER Volume Boost FRESHAIR Ventilation FOAM3 and RADVENT FoamsGeminEYE Anti-Fog KLIM's exclusive new Anti-Fog process coats both sides of the lens by dipping it in the new anti-fog formula resulting in fog resistance up to 3 times longer than previous modelsFOV+ Geometry From frame dimensions and strap outrigger angles to the width of our dual-lens gasket material and FOAM3 system, every component of the Radius goggle is designed to disappear from your vision as soon as you put it onQuad Tested PolyCarb Lens The Radius Goggle went beyond the industry standard of two tests by passing four unique durability testsAIRCHAMBER Volume Boost Designed with more volume between your eyes and the interior surface of the lenses, AIRCHAMBER is affected less drastically by changing temperatures and humidity levels, keeping condensation saturation to a minimumFRESHAIR Ventilation In-frame directional intakes, massive lower and upper frame vents and substantial in-lens vents all combine to keep the KLIM Radius Goggle's AIRCHAMBER restored with clean airFOAM3 and RADVENT Foams RADVENT foam provides snow and debris-blocking properties with air permeability and breathability performance allowing maximum air and water vapor to escape
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