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Tested: Kite Billet Footpegs
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Review and Photos by Shane Anderson

Those of us who have been riding for a long time remember when footpegs were just incredibly narrow slivers of metal. It’s simply the way it was. Eventually, you could get weld-on peg extensions, to give you a wider platform to connect to your bike with. Over time, the idea caught on and wide footpegs became the standard on all modern bikes. Still, there’s something to be said for tailoring your footpegs to your riding style or physical size. The footpeg is a defined contact point between you and your motorcycle and it’s also one of points that energy gets transferred from the bike to your body.

Fast forward to present day. I still find myself looking for a better set of footpegs than the OEMs offer. I wanted to try out some aftermarket sets, so I decided to grab some Kite pegs through Dubya. Given Kite’s reputation for making a solid product, I had high expectations for their footpegs.

Kite Footpeg Features:

  • Machined from billet aluminum.
  • Removable/replaceable teeth made from a single piece.
  • Anodized in popular colors.
  • The 57mm width offers a larger platform than OEM pegs.
  • MSRP $189.99

First Impressions

When I pulled the pegs from the box and held them in my hands, I realized how much bigger they actually are over the OEM pegs that came on my KTM. My second thought related to how solid this heavy-duty piece of material felt, leading me to believe that I wouldn’t have any foreseeable troubles.

I was curious just how much larger the Kite pegs were than stock set, and a tape measure confirmed that the OEM KTM pegs were 3-1/4” long x 1-7/8” wide. That’s not a bad platform, and larger than some manufacture's stock pegs. Now when the tape measure fell on the Kite footpegs, I discovered that not only were they wider, but longer as well. They measured in at 3-3/8” long and 2-1/2” wide. You feel like you’re standing on a floor with these pegs, they're that much larger.

Installation of the footpegs was simple and straightforward. But for peace of mind, I removed the four screws that hold the teeth in and applied some Loctite to keep them in place. It looked like there was already some from the factory, but I wanted to add another coat to be sure. It also gave me the chance to get a feel for how tight the screws should be. The second set of teeth that are included in the package are identical to the set that comes installed. So I put those and the spare screws in the toolbox for later use.

On the Track

Footpegs are something that most riders pay little attention to, unless you find your boots slipping on them, or they’re worn out and damaged from day-to-day use. When I first rode with these pegs, I couldn’t help but notice how I felt more connected to the bike. There’s a definite difference in feel over the stock footpegs. You’re never worried about finding a peg or feeling like you’re slipping off the bike. My feet simply stay planted where I placed them. The other added benefit with wider pegs is the extra confidence I had when riding on the balls of my feet (as we all should be doing, anyways). On hard landings, you don’t feel as much jarring. Having broken my ankle in the past, the additional support was quite welcomed and very noticeable.

I've done a lot of riding with these pegs in a variety of conditions, and I've yet to feel my feet slipping or losing traction. In the mud, the large open space between the teeth allows the packed dirt to simply fall out.

Long-Term Durability

When I first saw the pegs, my biggest concern was how the anodizing would hold up. Pegs can take a beating, especially if you ride in rocks. So far though, the anodizing seems to be pretty deep, so the color is holding very well. As a whole, the pegs look as great today as they did the day I installed them. I’m definitely impressed with the quality of the Kite's footpegs.

The Final Word

Footpegs aren’t typically tend to be an afterthought, until you find a problem with them. There’s definitely a confidence gain to be had by improving your contact points with your bike. The larger size and grip Kite's pegs offered just that. One thing I would have liked to see is some adjustability in terms of height. There is no way to raise/lower this set of floorboards. Despite that, these pegs are awesome and a solid addition to your bike. I would have no problem considering these footpegs for any of my future bikes, and I have no regrets about having them on my current ride.

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Check out DubyaUSA.comto check out the range of Kite products.

About the Test Rider

Shane Anderson - has been riding motorcycles since he was a child, starting with three-wheelers back in the 80s. He raced NESC motocross until 2001 as an amateur, and has finally found his way back to motocross after a stint on the road. He still works part-time in a local dealership parts department, and is active in the industry.


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