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Review and Photos by Thiess Lindsay

As a taller rider (6’3”) with slightly bigger-than-average feet (size 12), I’m constantly trying to get more comfortable on motorcycles that are designed with a much smaller rider in mind. Being able to open up the rider compartment has become of particular interest to me. Whenever I have the opportunity to speak with taller AMA pros, or one with a shoe size in the double digits, I try to pick their brains on what they’ve done to fit the bike to them.

A while ago I read that the IMS Pro-Series footpegs offered a series of different offsets, and I was intrigued. I called IMS and was impressed when a real live person answered right out of the gate. They quickly explained that the Pro-Series footpegs are offered in a number of different configurations, depending on the bike you ride. For my bike they offer a 3/4-inch rise, and a set that is a 1/4-inch lower and 1/4-inch back. I elected to go with the 1/4-inch lower and further back.

Product Highlights:

  • Made from 17-4 cast stainless steel with a powder coat and polish finish.
  • Taller teeth on the outside edge of the peg for better control and riding performance.
  • MSRP ($96.00 for standard peg) ($124.95 offset pegs with mount).

First Impressions:

When first opening the IMS packaging, I held up the IMS Pro-Series footpegs next to my OEM Honda pegs, and was impressed how trick these things look. With a polished perimeter, powder-coated interior and aggressive teeth they look like something that should be in an installment of Guy B’s Pit Bits, and yet they cost less than $125.


Installation is quick as the pegs come with their own mounting bracket, a new set of springs and bottom mounting bolts with the rest of the mounting hardware coming from your OEM pegs. Upon removing the OEM pegs I instantly noticed a weight difference. On my scale the IMS Pro-Series pegs are actually 3.4 ounces heavier per peg (6.8 ounces total) than their OEM counterparts. This is definitely not something to scoff at, but I figure that I can afford to diet a little to make up the difference.

The IMS Pro Series Peg and hardware weighed in at 17.5 ounces per side (35 ounces total) while the OEM Honda pegs and hardware weighed in at 14.1 ounces per side (28.2 ounces total), making for a total increase of 6.8 ounces.

With one IMS peg mounted on one side and an OEM peg on the other I pulled out my trusty tape measure to check the difference. I measured that the peg was indeed 1/4-inch lower with the front of the peg is same location as the stocker, but the rear of the peg 1/4-inch further back thanks to the added width.

On the Track:

I couldn’t wait to get out on the bike and feel the difference. After wrapping up the other peg installation, I threw on my gear and went out for some play riding as it had just stopped raining. The wet conditions made for a perfect opportunity to appreciate the increase in traction and ability to shed mud. Under those slick conditions, I was forced to foot dab on a number of occasions, gathering mud on the bottom of my boots. I was surprised how little the mud affected the traction, so I decided that it was time to stop and put my feet down to really pick up some mud, plus I wanted to take in the glory that laid before me. I had just roosted ML512 so well that he looked like he'd been blasted with a mud shotgun.

I was expecting the large amounts of mud to pack into the pegs and cancel out the aggressive teeth, as mud often did with my OEM pegs. In no time the aggressive teeth cut through the mud and pushed it through the peg, helping me quickly forget the little voice in my head telling me that my boots were slick and to be cautious.

Stock peg picture on the left, and IMS Pro-Series on the right.

I also noticed that the increase in platform area made my lower legs feel a little less tired and the larger rider compartment allowed me to open up my stance, allowing for slightly larger movements on the bike. As a bigger rider I've noticed that compared to my smaller-statured peers, my movements shift weight much faster, thus requiring a finer calibration to keep from ending up on the ground. The change in peg position didn’t make a world of difference but it did make some and every little bit helps.

Long-Term Durability:

Since that initial ride, I have spent almost a year on these pegs at the track, and I am still very happy with the traction they provided, as well as the comfort. The increased traction has been a big improvement over my OEM pegs and resulted in only a slight increase in boot wear. I have come to take for granted that they are on my bike while riding, but I do have to admit that a small smile graces my lips when I wash my bike, and see how good they still look.

The Last Word: 4 stars

The only problem I incurred wasn't really related to the quality of the product itself, but a lack of information on IMS' website about the different offsets offered. After my call though, they clearly answered all my questions and led me towards what I was looking for. I personally recommend the IMS Pro-Series footpegs for anyone that is looking for more traction and a wider platform. I also highly recommend them for anyone that is looking to customize the peg location on their bike, as long as the slight increase in weight is not an issue.

About the Test Rider

Thiess Lindsay born to a moto-crazed father who stole his first name from Greg Theiss, a regular on professional motocross scene in the late 70s. The family is still trying to figure out why the spelling is different, but the running joke is Thiess means “drunken father”. As a taller and “bigger-boned” rider Thiess is proud to give a voice to the large number of riders that were built more for football or basketball than moto. His inherently cheap nature also serves as a good measuring stick for the average guy who is trying to find the best value from the many aftermarket parts available. Between his career as an engineer (which means he can’t spell) / project manager and a young family, Thiess finds every opportunity to ride and enjoy the freedom and comradery that only a dirt bike can provide.


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IMS Pro Series Footpegs
Built to provide sure footing even in the worst conditions. Solid construction means these pegs will not fade when the riding gets tough.
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