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First Look: Fastway Evolution 4 Footpegs
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We get some pretty cool products to try but some are just a bit cooler than others. One of the latest things to land on our desk was Fastway's Evolution 4 Footpegs, and we're going to give them a quick moment in the spotlight.

The Evo 4 is the latest in Fastway's Evolution line and is produced from stainless steel, plus it measure in at 3.50 inches from front-to-back and 2.25 inches wide. Updates from the Evo 3 are mostly focused around the shape and size, giving it a more rounded/moto appearance and increasing the length of the peg...along with adding the height adjustments from their Air line. This allows you to change the heigh and offset of the pegs with their fit kits.

Some of the general features of the Evo line pegs include the options for the actual cleat area. The pegs come standard with the threaded inserts, seen on the left (above), coming with a package of 10mm and 12mm bolts for length. This allows you to run all 12 cleats at the same height, run the middle row taller for more articulation along your feet, or run the back/front row taller to give the pegs an angled feel. Other options include a spiked set of cleats, which are pictured on the right (above), along with a studded option. We personally spent a day riding with the bolts and spikes, preferring the spikes for pure moto situations for the amount of grip provided but the bolts for a bit less boot wear on long off-road rides. For a better comparison, all the cleat options are shown below.

A view of the cleat options from Fastway.

Another cool option, something common amongst the Fastway lineup of pegs, is the height option. It's a pretty simple system, using an offset mount and an pin insert that can be swapped side-to-side. Depending upon the model, the height change is between eight and ten millimeters, and around four millimeters back. To clarify: the stock height retains the stock offset while going down will also being the peg back, a god send for all the tall guys out there. To see what we're talking about, check out the photos below.

To allow the swap in height, the pegs come with two different offsets of springs, one set for each position.

Beyond that, the angle of the peg can also be adjusted with a bolt and a different amount of spacers. Depending upon the model, the placement may be different but either way the bolt presses up against an area of the frame. If the bolt is out of the peg farther (more spacers) it angles the pegs upward, while no spacers allows the peg sit flat.

The bolt in question with and without spacers.

The Fastway Evolution 4 Footpegs come in at $130.95 (The footpegs themselves along with the 10mm and 12mm height bolts for cleats).

The Fit Kit, which is needed to install these pegs, is $19.00 (swap-able direction pins, bolts, washers, and springs).

Optional spiked or studded cleat packages are $19.95.

To check out the range of Fastway footpegs, five models in total, head over to


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Fastway Evolution 4 Footpegs
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