No Toil Air Box Cover

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Solid but could be improved
The Good
The cover protects the air intake from the majority of the water being sprayed into the air box while washing.
The Bad
The rubber seal has a gap allowing some water to enter the air intake.
Overall Review:

I purchased the No Toil cover based on price and have been reasonably happy with the performance. The rubber seal, that presses against the air box, is nothing more than a piece of rubber tubing that has been split down the middle and slipped onto the cover. This sealing surface works well except the piece of hose was cut too short and leaves a gap for small amounts water to enter into the intake. Since I do not ride by bike immediately after washing I can wipe down the intake and let everything dry, but i would prefer if the cover didn't allow anything enter the intake.

The product is built for a stock air filter cage. I have replaced my stock air filter cage with the DT1 filter cage and with the use of a bolt, as a spacer, and the DT1 filter cage bolt the cover works as well as it would with a stock filter cage. I would have preferred to try the DT1 cover, but i could not find one for a 450 Kawi.

Since this is the cheapest airbox cover option I feel you get what you pay for therefore it is three star product.


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No Toil Air Box Cover
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