ProX Pro X Clearance Reducer Clutch Rod

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Product ProX Pro X Clearance Reducer Clutch Rod
Miscellaneous You might have well experienced the increasing clutch clearance on CRF250 and 450 bikes when the engine is getting hotter. This additional and annoying clearance is caused by the difference in expansion rate of the alloy crank case and the steel rod that operates the clutch. Many racers tend to adjust their clutch when hot. However, then the problem is a partially operating & slipping clutch when the engine is cold as there now is a negative clearance. The solution is our new ProX Clearance Reducer Rod. This rod is made from a similar alloy as the crankcase and replaces the original full steel rod. In this way the expansion rate of the crankcase is equal to that of the rod. Therefore the additional clearance will be reduced to a minimum. As the alloy has weak mechanical properties on wear, the rod has two hardened steel tips to eliminate wear. Retains good clutch feel hot or cold. Made with alloy and features hardened steel ends for less wear. No more fading clutch issues.
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