Renthal Gen 2 Intellilever Brake Lever

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Product Renthal Gen 2 Intellilever Brake Lever
Miscellaneous Unlike other unbreakable levers on the market, the Intellilever can dislocate in a full 270 degrees of motion in any direction. By incorporating an internal spring and cable system, the lever blade could pop out of place during a crash and then easily return to its original location afterwards. This design allows users to completely tighten the clutch and brake perches so that they wouldn't move during a crash and have to be banged back into place.Lighter Overall Weight - The Gen2 levers are 15% lighter through extensive use of Renthal's 5 axis CNC machines.Slimmer Forged Lever Blade - The new forged lever blade has a more ergonomic feel while also increasing strength. The lever blade also features a laser etched logo and a hard anodized finish.Revised Lever Pivot Joint - The new shape of the lever pivot joint allows it to return to its home position more easily while also preventing inadvertent dislocation.Updated Lever Reach Adjustment - The lever reach adjustment screw has been relocated for easier use while mounted on the handlebar.Updated Lever Shroud - The lever shroud has a new shape and material which improves durability and ease of assembly and maintenance.
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