BikeMaster Bikemaster Clutch Lever Assembly

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Product BikeMaster Bikemaster Clutch Lever Assembly
Miscellaneous Replacements for Japanese motorcross bikes Not for use with hydraulic brakes or clutchesNote: Image is for reference only; actual product may vary depending on vehicle.- Fits the following motorcycles; or atvs 1997 HONDA XR 100RV;1996 HONDA CR 125RT;1996 HONDA CR 250RT;1996 HONDA CR 500RT;1996 HONDA XR 100RT;1996 HONDA XR 200RT;1996 HONDA XR 250LT;1996 HONDA XR 250RT;1996 HONDA XR 400RT;1997 HONDA CR 125RV;1995 HONDA XR 250LL;1997 HONDA CR 500RV;1995 HONDA CR 250R;1997 HONDA XR 200RV;1997 HONDA XR 250RV;1997 HONDA XR 400RV;1997 HONDA CR 250RV;1994 HONDA CR 500R;1993 HONDA CR 125R;1993 HONDA CR 250RP;1993 HONDA CR 500RP;1993 HONDA XR 100;1993 HONDA XR 200;1993 HONDA XR 250LP;1993 HONDA XR 250RP;1995 HONDA XR 100R;1994 HONDA CR 250R;1995 HONDA XR 200R;1994 HONDA XR 100R;1994 HONDA XR 200RR;1994 HONDA XR 250L;1995 HONDA CR 125R;1986 HONDA CR 250R;1995 HONDA CR 500R;1998 HONDA CR 125RW;1994 HONDA CR 125R;2003 HONDA XR 250R3;2007 HONDA CR 250R;2002 HONDA CR 250R2;2002 HONDA XR 100R2;2002 HONDA XR 200R2;2002 HONDA XR 250R2;2002 HONDA XR 400R2;2001 HONDA XR 400R1;2003 HONDA XR 100R3;2001 HONDA XR 250R1;2003 HONDA XR 400R3;2004 HONDA CR 125R;2004 HONDA CR 250R;2004 HONDA XR 250R;2004 HONDA XR 400R;2
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