Ride Engineering Billet Clamp Set 20mm Offset



Ride Engineering Billet Clamp Set 20mm Offset
These new Ride Engineering triple clamps have been designed with several important goals in mind: 1) Weight - to be the same weight or lighter than stock; 2) Flex - the whole area where the bottom clamp wraps around the forks has been designed to allow the forks to flex like stock; 3) Positioning - improve the handling by offering different offsets to suit the rider's needs; 4) Construction - place the pinch bolts in the front to allow for handguard mounts:; and 5) Visibility - extend the front number plate mount to place the plate at a more aesthetic angle.For those looking for more aggressive turn-in than Ride Engineering's 21.5 offset clamps (drop into corners faster), Ride Engineering built these 20 mm offset clamps for you. 20 mm offset recommended for Arenacross (AX), Supermoto (SM), Supercross (SX), Motocross (MX), and/or Trail Riding (TR). All Ride Engineering triple clamp sets are lighter than stock and are completely machined from billet aluminum; the advantage of this process is perfectly round fork bores that help reduce stiction where the clamps grip the forks.Compatible with Scott's Sub-Mount Steering Dampener Kit (not GPR).Included in kit: Top clamp, bottom clamp, pressed-in stem and lower bearing. Best use: SX - MX - AX - TR - SM.
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