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Tested: Alpinestars Sequence Chest Protector
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The Good
Comfortable, Lightweight, CE certified.
The Bad
Ventilation is just OK, Lower section of the back piece doesn't conform completely to lower back.

Tester Profile: Chris Siebenhaar
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 175 lbs
Product Size: M/L

The Alpinestars Sequence Chest Protector is an under-jersey style chest protector that is comfortable, lightweight and rather affordable. Since there are no hard-shell plastic plates or buckle closures, the Sequence Chest Protector manages to shave off quite a bit of weight without sacrificing protection. The bio foam that is used on both the front and back of the chest protector is CE certified, aiding in impact protection.

The first thing I noticed when putting on the chest protector, was just how form fitting the Sequence really is; it’s like having a CE certified hug. The bio foam panels do feel a little stiff and rigid when you first slip the Sequence on, but with a little body heat, they become very pliable and almost unnoticeable. The shoulder straps, which are made from 3D mesh foam, are wide enough to disperse the [minimal] weight of the chest protector over your shoulders. They are also soft and thin enough to remain extremely comfortable for longer rides, allowing air to flow between the straps and your skin.

Two of my favorite features about the Sequence Chest Protector are as follows. First, I really like the integrated elastic neck brace bands with silicone pull tabs. This may seem like a basic feature, but as a rider who wears a neck brace, it is a very welcomed addition. The elastic bands hold a neck brace snugly in place, without the need for extra straps or bands, and the silicone pull tabs make those elastic bands very easy to find under a jersey, regardless if you have gloves or gear on. My second favorite feature is the dual Velcro closure system, it’s simple, yet very effective. The strap itself, which has Velcro on both sides, is sandwiched between the chest plate and an additional rubber “latch”. This combination of Velcro, straps and “latches”, lead to a very secure, and surprisingly strong connection.

Ventilation with this chest protector is not the worst that I have ridden in, but not the best either. Layered underneath the lightweight, perforated textile shell is a layer of perforated bio foam. The perforation of the shell and bio foam don’t exactly line up, so a lot of the airflow to your core is blocked. If I was riding in the peak of summer, I’d lean towards a more ventilated option, but while testing on a 70-degree Southern California day, I was perfectly comfortable. The only concern I had with this chest protector was with the long one-piece back protector. The bottom six-to-seven inches would float away from my lower back leaving about a two inch gap between my back and the chest protector. I couldn’t feel the gap while riding, so it wasn’t an issue, but the foreseeable problem would be in the event of a crash. If you were to fall and slide feet first, this gap could allow the back protector to snag and rise up, therefore exposing your lower back to cuts, impacts and maybe injury.


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Alpinestars Sequence Chest Protector
Under Jersey
Soft Shell
Removable back puck for BNS compatibility, Silicon BNS pull tab for convenient and safe engagement of the BNS, Soft bio foam padded chassis for maximum comfort.
Soft shells are constructed from a high performance lightweight thermoformed material blend that is soft and flexible yet offers the same level of protection as a hard-shell protector.
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