EK Ek Chain 530 Standard Non Sealed Chain

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Product EK Ek Chain 530 Standard Non Sealed Chain
Miscellaneous Standard non-sealed chains are manufactured to meet or exceed EK's strict quality control requirements Almost any small motorcycle can now benefit from EKs race proven product line EKs commitment to providing a top quality product at a reasonable price is second to none Fits vehicles:1983 YAMAHA XJ 550RK SECA;1997 SUZUKI TL 1000S;1982 YAMAHA XJ 550J MAXIM;1982 YAMAHA XS 650SJ HERITAGE;1983 SUZUKI GR 650D TEMPTER;1983 SUZUKI GS 1100ESD;1983 YAMAHA XJ 550K MAXIM;1983 HONDA CB 1100F;1983 YAMAHA XS 650SK HERITAGE SPECIAL;1986 YAMAHA FZ 600S;1986 YAMAHA YX 600S RADIAN;1987 YAMAHA FZ 600T/C;1987 YAMAHA YX 600T/C RADIAN;1988 YAMAHA FZ 600U;1989 YAMAHA YX 600W RADIAN;1999 SUZUKI TL 1000SX;1981 YAMAHA XS 650H SPECIAL;1982 YAMAHA XJ 550 RJ SECA;1988 YAMAHA YX 600U RADIAN;1980 SUZUKI GS 450ET;1982 SUZUKI GS 450TZ;1982 HONDA CB 650SC NIGHTHAWK;1980 KAWASAKI KZ 440-A1 440;1980 YAMAHA SR 500G;1980 YAMAHA XS 650G TWIN;1980 YAMAHA XS 650SG 654;1981 HONDA CB 650C CUSTOM;1981 KAWASAKI KZ 440-A2 LTD 440;1982 KAWASAKI KZ 440A3 LTD;1981 SUZUKI GS 450TX COMMUTER;1981 YAMAHA SR 500H;1981 YAMAHA XJ 550H MAXIM;1981 YAMAHA XJ 550RH SECA;1981 YAMAHA XS 650SH HERITAGE;1982 SUZUKI GS 450TXZ COMMUTER;1980 HONDA CB 650C CUSTOM;1982 SUZUKI GS 450EZ;1981 SUZUKI GS 450EX;
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