DID D.I.D 520 Standard Chain

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Product DID D.I.D 520 Standard Chain
Miscellaneous Made from special alloy steel Solid rollers Shot-peened parts Highly cylindrical and roundness accuracy Exacting tolerances provide low friction Pre-stretched Extended riveted bushing Anti-Kink design High performance value of non O-ring chain Average tensile strength of 6,700 lbsNote: D.I.D's ZJ Rivet Type Master Link has comparable strength to that of the other links that compose the factory assembled chain body. This tremendous strength is the result of the unique pin head designed to be precisely riveted in a uniform circular configuration with D.I.D KM500 chain tool. For your safe ride, D.I.D strongly recommends you to use ZJ Rivet Type Master Link for all the chains in D.I.D drive chain line up that have both ZJ Rivet Type Master Link and FJ/RJ Clip Type one.D.I.D Chain manufacturer's statement: Always replace chain with same size, grade and type of chain as originally equipped by the manufacturer. Be sure to use a rivet type connecting link if the origina Fits vehicles:1989 YAMAHA YFM 350XW WARRIOR;1990 SUZUKI LT 500RL QUADRACER;2002 DUCATI MONSTER 750 I.E.;1997 DUCATI MONSTER 750;1991 YAMAHA YFM 350XB WARRIOR;1992 YAMAHA YFM 350XD WARRIOR;1993 YAMAHA YFM 350XE WARRIOR;1995 YAMAHA YFM 350XG WARRIOR;1996 YAMAHA YFM 350XH WARRIOR;1998 DUCATI 750 MONSTER;1999 DUCATI MONSTER 750 DARK;1999 DUCATI MONSTER 750;2000 DUCATI MONSTER 750 DARK;2001 DUCATI MONSTER 750;2003 DUCATI MONSTER 800 I.E. DARK;1988 SUZUKI LT 500RJ QUADRACER;1987 SUZUKI LT 500RH QUADRACER;2000 DUCATI MONSTER 750;1981 YAMAHA XT 250H;1980 SUZUKI GN 400XT;1989 SUZUKI LT 500RK QUADRACER;1980 YAMAHA XT 250G;1981 SUZUKI GN 400TX;1982 KAWASAKI KLT 200-A3;1982 KAWASAKI KLT 250-A1;1982 SUZUKI GN 400TZ;1982 YAMAHA XT 250J;1982 YAMAHA XT 500J;1983 KAWASAKI KLT 250-A2;1983 YAMAHA XT 250K;1983 YAMAHA XT 550K;1984 KAWASAKI KLT 200-C2;1984 KAWASAKI KLT 250-C2 PRAIRIE;1985 YAMAHA YTZ 250N;1983 KAWASAKI KLT 200-A4;1981 KAWASAKI KLT 200-A2;1986 YAMAHA YTZ 250S;
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