EBC Ebc Xc Series Contour Brake Rotors

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Product EBC Ebc Xc Series Contour Brake Rotors
Mount Type
Miscellaneous The steel used in the EBC motorcycle brake rotor blades is a special stainless blend with higher friction effect than normal heat treated stainless steel found on stock discs Boasts up to 10% improvement in friction effect improving brakes even further Weight of the X and XC series is reduced by 5-10% by using a 6 only button drive system on a lightweight alloy center hub, which once again grabs the lead over stock parts The SD-System uses a square sided rivet with many advantages The SD-System of square sided buttons means that the rotor can expand inwards and outwards unrestrained and that perfect rotor functionality is retained at any speed or load This extends the lifetime of the rotor and prevents distortion failures Keeps the rotor blades perfectly true and flat throughout their life cycle and technically the only reason for a rotor to need replacement will be impact damage or over a very extended number of miles possible rotor wear limits being exceeded This Fits vehicles:1998 SUZUKI GSF 1200SW BANDIT;1998 SUZUKI GS 500EW;1997 SUZUKI GSX 750FV KATANA;1997 SUZUKI GSX 600FV KATANA;1997 SUZUKI GS 500E;1998 SUZUKI GSF 600SW BANDIT;1996 SUZUKI GSX 600FT KATANA;2000 SUZUKI GS 500EY;1996 SUZUKI GS 500ET;1995 SUZUKI GSX 750FS KATANA;1996 SUZUKI GSX 750FT KATANA;1998 SUZUKI GSX 600FW KATANA;1995 SUZUKI GSX 600FS KATANA;1999 SUZUKI GS 500EX;2002 SUZUKI GS 500K2;2001 SUZUKI GS 500K1;2004 SUZUKI GS 500F;2006 SUZUKI GS 500F;2007 SUZUKI GS 500F;2008 SUZUKI GS 500F;2009 SUZUKI GS 500F;1998 SUZUKI GSX 750FW KATANA;1989 SUZUKI GS 500EK;2005 SUZUKI GS 500F;1995 SUZUKI GS 500ES;1988 SUZUKI GSX 600FJ KATANA;1989 SUZUKI GSX 600FK KATANA;1989 SUZUKI GSX 750FK KATANA;1990 SUZUKI GS 500EL;1990 SUZUKI GSX 600FL KATANA;1990 SUZUKI GSX 750FL KATANA;1991 SUZUKI GS 500EM;1991 SUZUKI GSF 400M BANDIT;1991 SUZUKI GSX 600FM KATANA;1993 SUZUKI GSX 600FP KATANA;1994 SUZUKI GSX 750FR KATANA;1994 SUZUKI GSX 600FR KATANA;1991 SUZUKI GSX 750FM KATANA;1993 SUZUKI GSX 750FP KATANA;1994 SUZUKI
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