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Gaerne GX-1 Boots Gaerne GX-1 Boots Gaerne GX-1 Boots Gaerne GX-1 Boots Gaerne GX-1 Boots
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First Ride: Gaerne GX-1 Boots

Gs on a budget... The mid-level GX-1 gets a full redesign for 2019.

Motocross boots are hard to make, which is obvious when you realize there are only a handful of legit motocross specific boot companies out there. Gaerne has been there since the beginning and while their current flagship boot, the SG-12, is on some of the top riders in the professional ranks we are looking at their GX-1 Boot that got a complete redesign for 2019.

The previous GX-1 had been in Gaerne's boot line up for some time, and it was a standard entry level boot that was high on value and low on frills. Yet this new GX-1 a few more features that move it into the mid-level category of motocross foot protection. It doesn't have an ankle hinge in the standard sense (a rotating pivot) but on both the inside and outside ankle section of the boot, there is a tab-and-slot system that allows for boot chassis movement without distorting the overall shape of the boot. This reminds me of the Astars Tech 7 system as well as the Fly FR5 boot. Other features include a steel shank, stitched sole construction, the same buckles that are on the SG-12, and overall low weight design.

This isn't a full review (we are currently working on a Mid-Level Boot Comparo now) just our initial thoughts with a day of riding. Fit is of utmost concern when it comes to moto boots and following Gaerne's typical generous fit, the GX-1 is definitely not a tight fitting boot. I wear a size 10.5 in normal shoes and go with a 10 in all motocross boots and the GX-1 in size 10 left me with room all around my foot. That being said, I don't think it is enough to make me want to try a 9... the fit is just on the roomy side. For riders with wide feet, I think these would be perfect. And if you don't have wide feet, I would suggest running the thicker, old-school-style moto socks rather than super thin compression style socks. While the foot area is a little loose, everything above the ankle fit nice and snug. 

The buckles feel like they are the same as the SG-12s and adjust easily and close with an affirmative snap. Mobility is high right out of the box, which is good and bad. There isn't much break-in time needed, but I can't say how long the boots will stay supportive over many rides. The ankle tab-and-slot system does give the boot a good amount of flex with some support as to not let your ankle bend or flex too far. But, comparing them to top-level boots, the GX-1 boots have a lot less of a protective and secure feeling. On the flip side, the boot is very comfortable and light weight. 

Bike feel is actually really good for a mid-level boot. There is nothing worse than feeling like you have casts on your feet and not being able to feel the pegs or foot controls. The GX-1 boot has a good amount of control feel without being unsupportive. The sole is stiff enough to handle serious moto riding and I didn't get bird feet (like your toes are curling over the pegs because the sole is too soft). The outsole is grippy and stuck to the pegs well, but we'll have to see how long they last. 

We'll be putting more time in these boots and digging into the durablity a little bit down the road. Overall, our First Ride in the GX-1 was a positive experience. I've worn very entry level boots that made me not want to ride a dirt bike because they were so bad. Once I got accustomed to the roomy fit, the GX-1s didn't impede my riding. The toe box is on the tall side, but after a few laps, I was used to the shift feel of the boots. 

The sole has a good amount of grip, but we'll have to wait and see how long they last.

The toe box isn't as low-profile as top-level boots, which is noticeable when shifting. But, after a few laps, I was used to it and the trade-off is more room/comfort for your toes.

Bike grip is very good.

The ankle tab-and-slot pivot system.

The buckles are legit.

Even though they have stitched soles, the overhang doesn't mess with shifting or braking.


Product Gaerne GX-1 Boots
Type Men
Construction Leather, plastic, rubber
Colors black, white, orange, red, yellow
Size 7-13
Miscellaneous With its lightweight design and sleek new light-allow buckle system, the Gaerne GX-1 boot will perform on the track or on the trails. Once you slip your foot into the comfortable GX-1, the ride is just the bonus.
- Lightweight design with a sleek new light-alloy buckle system.
- Will perform on the track or on the trails.
- Made in Italy.
Price $269.95
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