Gaerne SG 12 BOOTS

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Good boot.

The Good:

Very comfortable, supportive and look great.

The Bad:

Steel toe sole.

Overall Review:

Overall this is a great boot. I had a two pairs of Tech10s prior to buying the SG12. The only complaint I have coming off of the molded sole Tech 10 is the steel toe tip gets caught on my shifter in certain riding positions making it kind of awkward at times. I am learning what position is causing me to this and fixing it on my end. All in all great boot so far and I do recommend them.  

Great boots

The Good:

good protection, comfortable ,good quality , durable

The Bad:

heavy , expensive

Overall Review:

its a really good boot, i have had some bad crashes and my ankles have been ok every time,solid construction, they grip the frame very well all in all they are $619.95 price tag

in my opinion they are far superior to the alpinestars tech 10s


Product Gaerne SG 12 BOOTS
Miscellaneous The Gaerne SG 12 boots are in a class all their own with countless hours of research and development that lead to the innovation of the perfect boot. Gaerne has developed a unique double stage pivot system for the SG 12 boots. The first stage of the pivot system is between the lower and middle shell that runs on a traditional pivot point with the addition of a glide-plate. This design on the SG 12 boots provides rigid lateral support while keeping the upright position firm. The second pivot point is between the middle shell and upper shell that operate as a slide to offer natural forward movement. The front shin guard on the Gaerne SG 12 boots are not only constructed out of thermoplastic and anatomically shaped for comfort, they can also be adjusted to accommodate larger legs or knee-braces. Gaerne uses a heal cup on the SG 12 that provides shock absorption in the event of rear compression. The Gaerne SG 12 boots have a slimmed down toe-box that has been wrapped in a lighter but durable plastic material that transmits feedback through the controls easily. Gaerne came up with a new inner boot heat and protection plate that also offers superior grip. The grip guard is made from rubber to provide optimum feedback while maximizing protection. The buckles on the SG 12 boots follow the simple rule if it ain't broke, don't fix it! The aluminum buckles are durable and adjustable that function with ease. Gaerne hasn't forgotten about comfort, in fact the foot beds have also been redesigned on the SG 12 boots. These foot beds were made matching the natural shape of the foot which reduces fatigue. The heal of the SG 12 foot beds have a shock absorbing rubber while the front have increased ventilation. The Gaerne SG 12 boots continue to use their famous Gaerne Memory Cell Foam that feel like a custom fit boot for all day riding. Finding the best is what the SG 12 boots is all about and Gaerne didn't even short out the gaiters. The gaiters are made of a Swiss fabric called Acronos. This material is breathable and easily stretches to keep sand and debris out.
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