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Tested: Pro-Carbon Racing Bashplate | CRF250R
We check out the sweet black weave of carbon fiber with this Pro-Carbon skidplate.
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The Good
A lot more coverage than stock, much thicker and more protective than stock, looks amazing and cleans up well, very snug fit
The Bad
Heavier than stock, internal finish is a little rough, but you don't see it so it doesn't really matter

Depending on what you are trying to protect, you have lots of options when it comes to skidplates, bashplates, glideplates, or any other name you want to give the guard on the bottom of your bike. It might be obvious but I am a sucker for carbon fiber. I love the look, the strength, and even the sound. Yeah, weird, I know.

To replace the stock plastic skidplate on our 2020 Honda CRF250R, I reached out to Pro-Carbon in the UK since they have a huge range of carbon fiber protection pieces for all modern motocross bikes. They sent the Pro-Carbon Racing Bashplate specifically for the 2018-2020 Honda CRF250R, but they also have parts for previous model years. 

Here it is installed.

Pro-Carbon Racing Bashplate Features (from manufacturer)

  • Used by the GP teams
  • Built to last, they are lightweight and extremely durable
  • Includes our easy fit system, can be removed and refitted in less than a minute.
  • Total protection for the engine cases and water pipes.

First Impression

Pulling the skidplate out of the box I was immediately struck by how substantial it is. This is no thin piece of bling carbon fiber, this has some serious heft to it, which is both a pro and a con. 

I weighed both the Pro-Carbon and the stock skidplates and as it turns out, the Pro-Carbon is more than twice the weight of the stock plastic skidplate. The stock piece is 278 g (0.61 lbs.) and the Pro-Carbon is 578 g (1.27 lbs). The weight is pretty much at the lowest point on the bike, but you are still gaining some mass. For those moto heads obsessed with shaving off every gram, this skidplate isn’t the one for you. 

Secondly, I used digital calipers to look at the thickness of both stock and the Pro-Carbon unit. The stock skidplate is around 2.5 mm thick while the PC one is around 3 mm-plus in certain spots. 

Stock is lighter, but has less coverage and is way, way flimsier.


The Pro-Carbon skidplate uses the stock mounting bolts and washers and doesn’t have any metal grommets or anything like that, just solid carbon fiber. The fitment wasn’t quite exact so I had to loosely install the rear bolt first, then pop the front of the skid plate onto the front frame rails with a bit of a slam. But, once tight against the frame, the bolt holes are in the exact right position and there wasn’t any finagling necessary.  

On the track

As a non-performance part, there isn’t much I can say about how it feels on the bike. What I can say is that, for certain, the Pro-Carbon skidplate is way more protective that stock. You can twist and distort the stock skidplate in your hand with little effort, but the Pro-Carbon is completely rigid with no give or flex in any way. For protection against rocks and other bikes, I think this is more than adequate and all the protection you need on the moto track. Plus the both sides have extra coverage for the water pump and hoses/ignition cover, and more material wrapping around the side of the frame rails. 

There is a bit of wear after 5 or 6 rides; mostly just superficial scratches and a little ding were I throw the bike on the stand. But overall there is no delamination, cracking, or other damage. While the scratches give the surface some small dull areas, the skidplate cleans up really well. The glossy finish doesn’t hold on to dirt and doesn’t attract dirt stains like metal can. 

It doesn’t have nearly as many vent holes as the stock skid plate which is good and bad. Bad because it could offer less airflow for the engine and it adds weight. Good because it keeps way more dirt and debris away from the engine cases. If you were so inclined and were comfortable cutting carbon fiber, I’m sure an enterprising rider could work on some custom ventilation that would also cut down on weight. 


Originally I thought this skidplate would be a lighter version of the stock skidplate with the same amount of protection. If you are looking for that, look elsewhere. What the Pro-Carbon skidplate is, is a major upgrade in protection without the weight of a steel skidplate. So, if you want the sick bling of carbon fiber and want to boost both the coverage and protection level of your skidplate, check one of these black beauties out. 


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Pro-Carbon Racing Bashplate
Pro-Carbon Racing Bashplates are the ultimate 4 Stroke protection. Used by the GP teams.
Built to last, they are lightweight and extremely durable.
Includes our easy fit system, can be removed and refitted in less than a minute.
Total protection for the engine cases and water pipes.
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