How often do you buy a new gear bag? If you’re the average rider, it’s probably about as often as you buy a new ramp or gas can. Hell, in my 20+ years of riding and racing, I’ve owned all of three motorcycle ramps, one of which was a 2”x 4” piece of wood that I found behind the shed at my parents’ house.

The point is, these are items that just aren’t replaced very often unless they are lost, stolen, or damaged. When that stinky gear bag of yours does finally kick the bucket, it will probably be hard to find an exact replacement because that design will likely have been discontinued when the time comes. So you’ll have to look for something new, and the One Industries Supra Wheelie might be a good place to start.


  • 600D Poly Oxford wheeled gear bag
  • Retractable telescoping handle
  • Custom urethane wheels
  • Multiple gear compartments and organization pockets
  • Debossed ONE Ind. icon logo.
  • MSRP: $200.00

The first thing that stood out to me when I first saw the Supra Wheelie, was that it really doesn’t look like a typical motocross gear bag. No bright colors (on the outside anyway), big graphics, or excessive logos. Instead the new One Ind. bag has a more subdued look that resembles…well, regular luggage. Which, if you don’t feel the need to let every person around know that you ride, is a good thing.

On the exterior, the wheels roll along smoothly and the rigid walls of the bag help protect all of your goodies from getting scratched or damaged. Handles abound on the Supra Wheelie, from the telescoping handle at the top for wheeling your gear around, to the multiple nylon handles that ease throwing the bag up into your truck or securing it down with a few straps. I’m partial to the fact that the Supra Wheelie doesn’t have any cumbersome quick-release compression straps, which are great when you really need them, but just get in the way most of time.

The accessory compartments on the top of the bag are a great addition.

From the outside, the Supra Wheelie seems pretty bare bones, but extra pockets like these go a long way.

At the top, the bag has four separate accessory compartments that can be used for anything from gloves and goggles, to tool or even a spray can or two. I loaded them up with a bunch of goggles and tear offs (which can go into the little zippered pouch in the top of the compartment) and was impressed with how clean every thing stayed. If you put your goggles away clean, there is no dust that will find its way in from another part of the bag.

The main compartment is simple enough: a main space for your gear, and another smaller space for a helmet. I am definitely at the taller end of the spectrum for motocross drivers (that’s for any Euros reading’re welcome), so my gear tends to take up slightly more space than say, the average 250B rider. However, I had no troubles fitting two full sets of gear, knee braces, a neck brace, gloves, socks, chest protector, and a helmet into the Supra wheelie.

Two sets of gear + neck brace + chest pro + knee braces + helmet = no problem.

Keep that soiled gear away from the rest of your goodies.

Once your day of three lap motos, berm shots, and a bunch of butt whips comes to a close, there is a compartment on the top flap to keep a set of your rank gear away from the rest of your stuff. What’s more? It’s vented to allow the sweat to dry (I would prefer to see the vents open to the outside rather than back into the bag, but it still works).

Overall, the new One Industries Supra Wheelie is an excellent option for the rider who’s looking to keep it classy in their moto travels, whether that’s in your truck or on a plane. If you do decide you want people to know that you ride the next time you’re at the airport, just start making “braaaap” noises when you’re going through the security checkpoint. I’m sure somebody will get it…right before you get handcuffed.

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