How often to you clean your bike? After every ride? Maybe if you’re getting out a lot perhaps every two rides? Have you ever let dirt remain caked to your machine for more than a week? Shame on you! Although you probably learned your lesson when you realized that dirt likes to oxidize your brand new aluminum frame (I’m just saying I heard that’s what happens. It’s not like I’ve ever done that myself, okay. I would never neglect a machine like that, so back off! Geez, enough with the guilt trip already.).

Hmm, where was I? Oh yeah, bike cleaning. What I was getting to is that not only is frequently washing your ride important, it’s also important to use the right tools. You can’t just use a garden hose after a muddy day and expect it to handle everything caked to your bike. But you don’t want to use an industrial grade power washer either and blow your graphics and seals right off. Either way, you can’t rely on water alone to do the job, and this is wear 1.7 Cleaning Solutions comes into play.

The small company, that is under the Matrix Concepts umbrella, launched about one year ago and has already become the go-to for many pro race teams. Why? Because it works. In particular, I’m talking about their Wash Degreaser Concentrate and Professional Pump Sprayer.

Wash Degreaser Concentrate Features:

  • Effective proprietary concentrate spray on formula for easy wash off.
  • Biodegradable, non-toxic formula contains no harmful chemicals.
  • Developed, tested, and used by the top teams and riders in the off-road racing world.
  • Cuts through the toughest grime and dirt leaving the bike, or vehicle, with a clean and refreshed look.
  • Will not harm your bike's finish or graphics.
  • Available in a 16oz refillable spray bottle and a 1 Gallon refill.

Professional Pump Sprayer Features:

  • Professional grade hand pump sprayer
  • 2 Liter capacity.
  • Reduces application time.
  • Works with all 1.7 Cleaning Solutions washes and cleaners.
The trigger on the handle can either be pressed down manually or locked into place for a constant spray.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the Wash Degreaser Concentrate looks and smells nothing like Simple Green (I’ve been a consistent Simple Green user for a long time, so this alone took some time to adjust to). Instead, it’s purple rather than green, and it has a very pleasant cherry smell. In fact one of my neighbors even complimented the smell the first time I used the 1.7 solution.

Everyone has they’re own technique for cleaning a bike. Unless my bike is completely caked with mud, I usually just spray my cleaning solution straight onto the bike, before even throwing water on. This allows the solution to eat away at the dirt without being diluted by additional water.

The whole process is made much easier with the 1.7 Professional Pump Sprayer, which allows you to spray your cleaning solution constantly rather than one little shot at a time. Just pump up the pressure, adjust the nozzle, and press down the trigger and you’ll get a nice, consistent stream. You can even lock down the trigger to keep to spray going with zero effort. No more arm pump just from spraying down your bike with a traditional window cleaner-style bottle.

Using my technique, at full concentration the 1.7 Washer Degreaser Concentrate does a much better job in cleaning the dirt out of those hard to reach areas (compared to full concentrate Simple Green) once it’s had a chance to soak and eventually blasted off with an electric power washer. After using traditional spray bottles, the Professional Pump Sprayer seems like it was sent down from the heavens. It literally takes less than half the time to completely cover your ride in cleaning solution.

All in all, 1.7’s Washer Degreaser Concentrate and Professional Pump Sprayer significantly cut down on cleaning time, did a better job of getting the grime out, and smelled better to boot. To top it off, it’s biodegradable. Nothing to argue against there.

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