Pro Moto Billet Spark Arrestor End Caps

Spark Arrestor End Caps allow you to ride your motorcycle in places where a spark arrestor is required without having to replace your whole exhaust system.

  • The Pro Moto spark arrestor end cap is designed and constructed to fit stock exhaust pipes.
  • For maximum style the Pro Moto spark arrestor end cap is anodized to match the factory color of your motorcycle.
  • constructed the spark arrestor end cap with a removable USFS-approved screen-type spark arrestor making it easy to install and take off.
  • For maximum style and durability, the Pro Moto spark arrestor end cap is engraved as USFS approved.
  • Pro Moto Spark Arrestor includes all the hardware, but a drill and rivet gun is required for installation.
  • For even the most restricted riding areas, a 96db silent insert is available on most models.

Price: $249.99


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