Pro Circuit 2013 CRF450 Dual Exhaust System

The Honda CRF450 was completely redesigned for 2013, and with that came an entirely new exhaust system layout. Just like the CRF250 of a few years ago, Honda chose to use a dual canister exhaust system that is supposed to improve the balance of the machine. Just as you might imagine, pipe companies have been hard at work trying to come up with  the best solution and best power output for the new red machine. Pro Circuit has just introduced their top-of-the-line offering that has a titanium build with your choice of either carbon fiber or titanium end caps.

We say, why not have one of both and go all "Punky Brewster" with your exhaust? Hey, just sayin'!

Dual Exhaust System with carbon fiber end capDual Exhaust System with titanium end cap.

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