It's hard to believe that 100% has only been making goggles for a little over a year now, because everything from the build quality of their goggles to the designs has been nothing but top notch from day one. Okay so they have a few industry heavy hitters at the helm: Ludo Boinnard, John Kuzo, and Bevo Forte (if you don't know who any of these guys are, look them up. Trust me, they know a thing or two about goggles).

Anyway, they are hitting 2013 even harder than they hit their first season, with more big name riders, more offerings, and more designs. For 100%'s initial push, the company offered two high-end goggles: the Racecraft and the Accuri. As part of the 2013 catalog, 100% has added more color schemes for those two goggles (we reviewed the Racecraft a few months back), in addition to the new price point Strata goggle and five different sunglasses as well.

100% now offers three different goggle frames and has also added sunglasses to their lineup.

The Racecraft. 100%'s premium goggle with triple density foam, outriggers, removable nose guard. Shown in Supersonic.

The Accuri. Offers most of the same features as the Racecraft but without an outrigger system. Shown in Subway.

The Strata. This is the latest addition to the 100% lineup. A basic goggle at a basic price...only $30. Not bad. Still has dual density foam and uses the same tearoffs as the Racecraft and Accuri. Shown in Frisbee.

The Bowen. 100% actually has five different styles for 2013. I have to say the Knight Rider look of the black/red Bowen is pretty money...and I think it knows it too.

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