New Cross Country Model from Beta 4

Looking for something just a little different from the norm? Beta just popped up with a new mid-year model, their 2012 450 RR Cross Country.  A light kit can turn this into a night-capable off-roader, and it also comes equipped with electric and kickstart, but also comes with a kit that allows the kickstart removal.

It comes with a $8999.00 price tag, and features include:

-48mm Marzocchi closed cartridge fork with MX-inspired spring rates.
-Sachs "Factory" rear shock with larger reservoir and 7mm more rear wheel travel.
-New reinforced frame providing a more rigid feel while also saving weight.
-19" rear wheel with MX-based tires.
-MX front number plate.
-Non-oring chain for less weight.
-Removal of all non-essential off road components including the meter as well as a simplified electrical system.
-AC generator for quicker throttle response and a quicker-reving motor.
-Accessory light kit will be available as an option. 

450 RR Cross Country models can be ordered directly from any authorized Beta motorcycle dealer in the USA or ordered through Beta's exclusive BYOB (Build Your Own Beta) program. First shipments will arrive the second week in June. For more information or to locate a dealer go to


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