Leatt Lite Adventure Chest Protector

Unless you have adamantium grafted to your skeletal structure and have superhuman rapid healing abilities, you should probably be wearing some type of chest protection while you bust out those five minute motos. While it's good to protect your fragile bones and organs, you also don't want to hinder movement with some oversized contraption. The Leatt Lite Adventure Chest Protector will keep your secure without obstructing your ability to bust half-nacs and heal clickers.

The is very similar to the standard Adventure Chest Protector, but excludes shoulder and upper arm guards. Designed to be a chest protector that integrates perfectly with the brace. The exclusive BraceOn elastic strap system attaches the protector to the Leatt-BraceĀ®, yet provides independent movement of body, brace and chest protector. A critical need for championship-level riding.

  • The Chest protector tested and CE certified to EN 14021.
  • Close fitting allows for over or under the jersey use.
  • Made of extremely tough HDPE plastic and washable bio-foam.
  • Liberal venting helps keep rider cool.
  • Easy hook and loop adjusters allows for different length both front and back for personalized fit.
  • Front and rear removable plates allow brace to fit close to body, as it should.
  • Fits riders from approximately 54 - 85 kg (120 - 190 pounds).

Price: $129.00


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