KTM Announces 2011 50 SXS Race Motorcycle 3

Just in time for the holidays KTM North America, Inc is excited to announce the launch of its newest 2011 motorcycle the 50 SXS.

For this model KTM took an already outstanding bike, the 50 SX, and cranked it up even more. If you are looking to stay in front of the competition, look no further than the 2011 limited-edition 50 SXS.

The new 50 SXS comes stock with the following items:

- FMF SXS Pipe and Silencer

- Race Tech SXS Shock with preload and rebound adjustability and the capability for internal compression valving

- Race Tech SXS Fork internals with gold valve cartridge emulators and internal compression damping adjustability

- KTM PowerParts SXS billet machined chain adjuster blocks, chain guide, axle block and ignition cover

- KTM PowerParts SXS clutch setting

- KTM PowerParts SXS throttle assembly

- KTM PowerParts SXS Renthal diamond grips and bar pad

- KTM PowerParts SXS graphics

- KTM PowerParts 38-T rear sprocket

“The 50 SXS is built to provide elite 50 racers across the country with a true race bike that is capable of showcasing their talent,” remarked KTM Product Line Manager John Hinz. “Although the production on the bikes is limited, the 50 SXS will be legal for AMA stock classes. Additionally, a SXS kit or individual components can be purchased through your authorized KTM dealer to take your current 50 SX to the SXS level.”

For more information please visit your local KTM dealer.


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