Fly Pro Lite Chest Protector

This designed for best fit with Fly Neck Brace by Leatt.

  • The back meets the highest level CE approval, EN 1621-2 level 2, by using high tech SaS-TeC impact absorbing material.
  • The front meets CE approval EN 14021.
  • Removable front and rear plates for best fit with Fly Neck Brace.
  • Exclusive "Brace On" strap system for neck brace integration.
  • Close fitting allows for protector to be worn over or under the jersey.
  • Made of extremely tough HDPE plastic and washable bio-foam.
  • Liberal venting helps keep rider cool.
  • Adjusters allow for different length both front and back for personalized fit.
  • Fits riders from approximately 120 - 240 pounds (54 - 110 kg).

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Price: $138.99


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