First Look: Fox F3 Boot Click the following link to see a video with Fox’s Warren Johnson, Ricky Carmichael, and James Stewart talking about the Fox F3 boot.

The third iteration of the Fox Forma Pro boot, the F3, was originally introduced last summer, but until recently was only available in limited quantities.

The non-leather exterior of the boot uses a 3D molded chassis, so rather than stretching and forming flat molded pieces around the boot, the pieces are already pre-curved to form smoothly around the exterior. That allows Fox to eliminate a lot of the seams found in other boots, though it’s a very expensive process that requires complex molds for each individual boot size. Mutltiple density foams are also used in areas like the shin and calf guards.

First Look: Fox F3 Boot  The Fox F3 boot. Click the photo for a larger image.

Any rider who’s had boots come apart near the top after the stitching had worn away will appreciate the new fold-over burn guard. It wraps over the top of the boot and over to the inside, eliminating one area of frequent failures. It’s also mated to a new top cuff, which helps seal out roost.

The F3 doesn’t use an interior bootie, but features plenty of padding on the inside of the ankle to avoid injuries from contacting the bike.

The old dual locking buckle has been replaced with a much simpler Pivotlock buckle system and Soft-Touch buckles that doesn't require a hang tag with instructions so that riders can figure out how to operate them.

The herringbone sole design offers an excellent footpeg interface, and a new outsole compound is claimed to be much more durable, while also being softer than in the past.

The final touch is the EVA midsole, which has increased in thickness throughout the length of the boot, but particularly in the heel. The EVA is excellent at absorbing energy, and is frequently used in running shoes to reduce shock on feet, ankles, knees, and hips.

There are four color combos available, Suggested Retail is $329.

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