We're still a few months away the new calendar year, but it's about time for new gear to start dropping. We just got a full preview of Fox's new MX gear line, so here's the lowdown.


The biggest news is in the helmet lineup. Fox reintroduced their V3 and updated the top-of-the-line V4, which both now feature MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protections Systems). What is MIPS? It's a brain protection system that features what could easily be described as "an internal sliding sheet" between your helmet liner and the shell itself. This allows them to move independently, for a better dispersion of energy during a multi-directional impact. The MIPS can take care of energy being subjected from the side by rotating a maximum of 15 degrees internally. This is all meant to minimize impacts, and to protect your brain! If you want to learn more about how MIPS works, dive into their own website here, MIPShelmet.com.

Do you spy the yellow sleeve? That's the new MIPS.

The new V3 was designed to integrate MIPS, and although the chin bar may resemble the older model, they share nothing in common. This helmet was also designed to slot into the price gap between the V2 and V4. But it still leaves you with some of the higher safety qualities of the V4 and its own new venting system, which features two large channels to pull cooling air through the helmet. The V3 shell is constructed with a blend of carbon fiber, kevlar, and fiberglass. We should see this new V3 make its way onto the market later next month, with a price tag of $449.95.

The two large ridges on each side of the V3 are air channels. We're interested to get one of these on our heads and see how well the venting works.

As we mentioned above, the V4 also features MIPS. The V4 has only been around two years, so it didn't need a complete redesign. Instead, the helmet shell was modified to work with MIPS and still retains all its previous features. That includes four different shell and EPS liner sizes to better accommodate riders of different heads sizes. The V4's shell is also constructed completely out of carbon fiber, and has 16 intake and eight exhaust vents to keep your head cooler. Unlike the V3, the new V4s are available now, and are priced from $539.95 - $589.95.

The V4 may look the same from the outside, but inside it gets MIPS, as well as some liner changes.

Another cool feature on both helmets is the actually the designs themselves, which feature both gloss and matte finishes on the same design. It's a neat little change when you're spending the big bucks on a higher-end helmet.

Gloss finish up top, matte down the sides.

There are also some new changes in the boot market for Fox. First up, the wildly popular Instinct gets some great updates. Personally, I've had a prototype pair of these for the past year, and these boots featured the same updates that will now be found in the production Instinct. (Fox definitely puts their time into R&D). The biggest change is the overall sizing. Fox has gone up a half a size, which helps bring the Instinct to a more "true shoe size" fit. This was done because Fox was experiencing feedback from customers that had purchased their boots online and found the sizing didn't quite match up to their expectations.

The new buckles are a bit shorter, but are much more secure when locked.

The buckle system has also been heavily updated. The boot buckles are shorter to eliminate catching and unbuckling mid-moto, but now also latch more securely. The straps have been beefed up to resist breaking, and they redesigned the area where the bottom straps connected to the boot. Previously if you were to damage either of the two bottom straps at their connecting points to the boot, you would have to send the whole boot back to Fox for repairs. Now the part has been designed to pop in and out, so it can be replaced without sending the boots in.

The new mounting points for the lower straps are now removable. Previously if one was torn out during a crash, it had to be sent back to Fox for repairs. Now, a new one can just be popped into place.

Also new is the anti-microbial liner (this is an obvious change, as the liner's now blue), which eliminates odor from prolonged use. If you sweat a lot (like myself) and have owned a pair of Instincts, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Beyond that, the boot also features an updated sole material for better lifespan and comfort. They also updated the color options for the Instincts, and the new production colors can be found below. Also, the guys at Fox mentioned you can still expect a strong quantity of Limited Edition boots through next year.

The new Comp 8 is Fox's successor to its popular F3 boot. It takes quite a bit of technology from the Instincts.

Fox is also introducing a new mid-range boot to replace the outgoing F3. The new Comp 8 takes a lot of cues from the Instincts beyond just its looks. It features the same buckles and straps from Instincts, although it's only a three-strap boot and doesn't have a hinged ankle. It also features the some of the same Duratec materials on the sole and grip materials on the side of the boot. This new boot drops in at $329.95.

Fox has also done numerous updates throughout the gear line. Across all the lines, they focused on better fitment and ease of movement when on the bike. The pants feature some of the largest changes with new knee areas and different waist areas. These all feel more athletic in fit, but with stretch to them as you move. We'll be getting our hands on a set from each different line and put them each to the test, so stay tuned for more on the gear itself.

Want to see more of what Fox has to offer for 2015? Then jump onto FoxHead.com.

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