First Look: 100% Gloves

By Michael Lindsay

When I was younger I never seemed to care much about what gloves I used, just as long as they matched my gear. After a while though, I finally figured out how much a particular set of gloves could help minimize the wear and tear on my hands, and my grip on the bars. After I was spoiled by some good sets of gloves, I started limiting my choices. Finding a set that looked good, but also fit right became a challenge.

You do have plenty of options, both from gear companies, and brands that specialize in gloves, and the group just expanded by one more with 100% releasing their own extensive line of gloves.100% iTrack glove line.

Last week we were able to get our hands on a few pairs to see what they're all about. First up, there are two models available, the Ridefit (velcro strap style) and the iTrack (slide over cuff style). Each line has its own individual designs and color combos, but share the same cut and fit. Both lines also follow the current trend of minimalistic gloves, which are light and flexible. The two lines share the same palm material, but the iTrack is a little thicker on top and more perforated, while the Ridefit feels a bit lighter and thinner. The main decision comes down to which style cuff you prefer, and which graphic/color combo pegs your style meter.

100% Ridefit glove line.

  • Perforated single-layer palm improves comfort with reduced bunching.
  • Thumb guard aids in reducing blisters.
  • Embossed Airprene cuff offers maximum protection and breathability.
  • TPR wrist closure system with hook and loop backing ensures proper fit (Ridefit).
  • Polymesh backhand promotes airflow and wicks away excess moisture (iTrack).
  • Screened palm graphics improve grip and lever traction.
  • Silicone-coated application tab ensures easy slip-on (iTrack).
  • Trek-Dry finger gussets enhance mobility.
  • Direct-inject logo completes the factory look (iTrack).
  • Five designs/color combos available for each glove line.
  • MSRP: ($27.50 Adult), ($20.00 Youth).

Testing gloves is fairly straight forward, pound lap after lap. (pictured iTrack: neon/yellow, Photo by GuyB)

Minimalistic gloves are just as you'd expect; light, flexible, and breathable. The first time I tried this style of glove I fell in love, believing that they were perfect in every way. Once a few companies started to catch on and release their own versions, I found there were still problems and things that could be improved. Where the stitching is located is what I became the most picky about. Most try to run it along each side of the finger, tying the palm and top material together. Some sets would have stitching that was too thick in-between the fingers, allowing the glove to feel like it's biting into you. Luckily, 100% has kept the stitching minimal in just the right areas, allowing just enough to keep the gloves together, but without being intrusive. Most of these style gloves also use silicone logos on the palm, which look cool and offer more grip. Some companies add as much as they can squeeze onto the palm, which allows for a ton of initial grip. If the logos are too big, or too thick they tend to fall off, leaving you with a lot less grip and searching for a replacement pair. However, 100% has kept the silicone logos to a minimum on both the iTrack and Ridefit, allowing them to last longer. The fit itself is a little on the snug side, which works out fine with the flexible material, leaving no excess material to bind up. (Perfect for the stubs I call fingers, with small sized gloves)

Of course, a glove can be perfect the first time you use it, but may fall apart after a few rides or washes. So as always, we'll put these gloves through some much-needed abuse and report back with an in-depth review. Until then, you can check out some of our other product reviews or swing on over to 100% to further check out their new glove line.


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