EVS Factor and Takt Helmets 2

Ready for a more economical variation of the original EVS Takt helmet? Then you’ll want to check out the Factor. It features a lightweight fully vented polycarbonate shell and integrated EPS vent system, as well as a custom-molded shape with a modern “squareback” style. It also uses the same ProtEdge Soft Impact Zone along the lower edge, which is design to limit neck and collarbone injuries. Inside you’ll find a removable moisture wicking liner, which the exterior also features a large molded eye port, and a large rear exhaust vent.

EVS' Factor Bullseye design in Red. Click image for a larger version.

EVS Factor Vertigo in Green/Black. Click image for a larger version.

Like its more-expensive sibling, it has Snell 2005, DOT and ECE approved certifications, and it comes in XS-XXL sizes. Unlike the Takt, it has a price tag of $169.

There are two graphic styles, and each have multiple color options. The Bullseye is available in red/white, blue/black, and black/gold. The Vertigo has two options, a green/black, and a yellow/blue.

The Takt features some bold new graphics, and with higher-end features like a very lightweight Aramid-Kevlar-Carbon-fiberglass composite shell, the price bumps up to $250.

The Red/Black EVS Takt Hazard. Click image for a larger version.

It also has the features mentioned previously, including the ProtEdge Soft Impact Zone. Take your pick from three graphics, and a total of five color combos.

The Hazard is available in red/black

The Bling is available in blue/black and white/blue

The Rocker is available in blue/black or pink/black.

More info? Check out www.evs-sports.com


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