Acerbis Cosmo Roost Deflector

  • The ergonomical design contours to the natural shape of the back.  
  • Features adjustable elastic bands and two lower Velcro bands.  
  • Designed to work with neck brace (the front harness features a removable cover, the rear is formed to accommodate the brace above the protector).  
  • Preformed PE foam padding.  
  • Front protection extends across chest (14021 approved).  
  • Back padding consists of two parts which are removable and washable.  
  • D30 protection integrated for spine protection. D30 material hardens instantly upon impact for exceptional shock absorption.  
  • Lower back panel is removable to accommodate riders with shorter torsos.  
  • Removable arm guards.  
  • EN1621-2/03 and 14021 approved.

Retail Price: $149.99
Price: $139.99


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