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IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY - Austin Wagner - DiffySmooth - Motocross Pictures - Vital MX

What did it mean for Austin Wagner to qualify this weekend at the Redbud National? Everything! Motocross runs deep in Austin's roots and qualifying for the national this weekend couldn't have meant more to him. How deep does it run you ask, well Austin's grandparents Drex and Jane Akin started racing back in the 1960's and now own and operate Dutch Sport Park Mx. Get where were going with this yet... no, the last name Akin ring a bell? Well if you were around motocross during the 80's then you should recognize that last name, Austin's mom Lisa Akin was a 5 Time Loretta Lynn's champion and one of the fastest women riders to swing a leg over a bike. Wonder where the Wagner comes from, that would be Austin's father (obviously) Bobby Wagner, who was one of the fastest Open Class riders in the 80's. If you've been to Loretta's you may also recognize the name Jay Wagner, Austin's uncle who has made many trips down there himself. Jay also has two children who keep the family motocross tradition going, Jacob "Yard Dart" and Sidney "Sid Vicious" so be on the look out for these two to work their way up the ranks. While were running down the family ranks lets not forget Austin's brother Brett who knows his way around a motocross track too. Now that you see how deep it runs in his family and how much a tradition motocross is in the family can you see the hype and excitement they all must have shared this weekend. In an interview with a local news station with a huge smile on her face Lisa expressed just how proud she was of Austin. Another special moment this weekend for Austin was his best friend and classmate, Dillon Finley also qualified for his first pro national, so be on the look out in the future for both of these guys and the Wagner family.

Credit: DiffySmooth
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