Pit Bits 2016 - Hangtown

The western/gold rush theme always runs strong through Hangtown, and this year was no exception. The unique gun belt trophies were really cool, with hand-pressed bullets (with no gunpowder), and each of the first-place trophies also had a silver bullet among the 25 in the loop. Each of the first-place buckles also had four rubies embedded in them. If we remember correctly, each of the trophies was modeled after a famous belt, like the winner's belts were modeled after Rooster Cogburn's, which was a John Wayne movie.

The Painted Ladies mounted unit is always a staple of pre-race action. (And note the Dirt Diggers lined up along the fence.)

The track is part of a state-owned park facility, and on Friday before the race, Honda announced that they'd be donating a range of vehicles for everything from maintenance, to riding. A lot of city kids get transported there for an intro to the great outdoors.

We spotted this guy's unique 'do, and besides the KTM in the back, he also had Ryan Dungey's five carved on one side, and Jessy Nelson's 13 on the other. The pink event staff shirts? They were...bright.

Oh yeah...here's your 30-second girl during amateur day.

Apparently Unadilla isn't the only track with Hill People.


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