Freddy Noren

Pit Bits 2016 - Hangtown

The other HRC supported rider under the Rocky Mountain tent was Freddy Noren. After a stint in the 250s for Supercross, Freddy was back on his more familiar 450 for the Nationals. Freddy does quite a bit of testing for Honda HRC, so a few goodies were passed his way in the chassis department.

Even though the HRC team is now using KYB suspension with Canard, Seely, and Bogle, they haven't completely stopped development with Showa. To keep the ball rolling, they have equipped Noren with this super-trick BFRC (Balance-Free Rear Cushion) shock...

Plus a set of Showa's SFF TAC forks. You can also spy the carbon fuel tank they've got on loan to him. As for the engine side, Freddy has a moto built by Matt Jory from Proven Moto, FMF exhausts, Vortex ignition, and some other goodies not found on the HRC CRF450Rs.

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