Pit Bits 2016 - Glen Helen

Hangtown was rough on the Yoshimura Suzuki Factory Racing squad. James Stewart's first moto crash included a shoulder injury for him. He came out and gave it a try in practice, but the injury is affecting grip strength, and he opted to sit out for a week before trying it again.

Malcolm Stewart was on hand to lend his big brother some support.

Blake Baggett had surgery to plate his broken collarbone on Monday night, and for most of the week the plan was to sit out Glen Helen. Amazingly, he showed up on Saturday in gear and ready to go. He got a great start in the first moto, but most have tipped over, as he came around at the end of lap one in last, and slowly worked his way up to 16th at the end, scoring five hard-earned points in the process...but he also opted to sit out moto two.

It's hard for a parent (like Tom Baggett) to watch his son ride out there.


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