Pit Bits 2016 - Glen Helen

Thomas from N-FAB has been a supporter of Phil Nicoletti for a few years now and is the main funding behind keeping the third rider aboard the JGR MX team. As such, Phil's bike features some modified graphics this season, featuring N-FAB on the shroud, unlike the standard bikes which have AutoTrader.com in this area.

Justin Barcia is the only Yamaha rider left in the pits running the heavily gusseted swingarm, (his teammates have reverted to a standard swingarm) which originated last season with Romain Febvre's Rinaldi YZ450F in the GP series.

The JGR YZ450Fs have some beefy radiators for the hot and brutal motos of the Nationals.

Eenie, meenie, miney, mo. Jonny Oler goes through the suspension cabinet.

Michael Lindsay

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