Pit Bits - Monster Energy
So we noticed something interesting aboard Eli Tomac's bike as we wandered the pits. What at first appeared to be KYB PSF1 air forks placed on Eli Tomac's bike (after the majority of the season on spring) was actually a bit deceptive. These are the fork caps normally found on a PSF1 fork, but they've been placed on a set of AOSS spring forks to use the extra adjusters in these special caps. So does that mean the teams are hiding spring forks? No, as with the right eye you can see the spacing difference between the caps on an air fork and spring fork. Also, the KYB crew was very forward on who was using these. Eli Tomac and Chad Reed have these caps aboard AOSS spring forks, while all the other forks in the pits with these caps are PSF1 air forks, which makes sense when you can spot the differences.

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