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Tony Cairoli's Red Bull KTM 450 SX-F - Vital MX Pit Bits: 2016 MXGP of USA - Motocross Pictures - Vital MX

The team in the MXGP paddock that shares the most information with their US counterparts is fairly easy to find, as it's Red Bull KTM. Even so, it was fun to find the few differences between their's and our's.

At first glance, the Akrapovic exhaust system appears to be the same as we have over here, until you make your way forward...

The GP spec of this exhaust features a much longer headpipe than is found on say Dungey's factory KTM 450 SX-F (compare with Dean Wilson's farther down this page).

While the radiators themselves didn't seem to be too different, we didn't notice these WP logos along the bottom of the radiators. While most think of WP as just a suspension company, they're actually an engineering extension for KTM. They actually produce all of KTM's radiators, stock exhaust systems, frames, and more.

Last year, we noticed between the US and GP bikes, there were about four or five different fork combinations between tube diameters, axle brackets, and axle sizes. This year however, it seems that all the KTM and Husqvarna teams have similar components. In Antonio Cairoli's case, he had moved from the more readily-available, customer 48mm Cone Valve fork aboard his 350 SX-F, to the works sized 52mm CV forks on his 450 SX-F.

Another small difference was the engine mounts. Cairoli, his teammate Glenn Coldenhoff, and the Husqvarna teams all used the production based aluminum engine hangers, while the US teams typically use a carbon fiber version. Also, the titanium hardware along the bike seems to be from a different supplier than we use here.

Although it's labeled as a KTM PowerParts item, this originally started life as an Acerbis disc cover. Also, the MXGP bikes use Excel rims, instead of the DID rims used on the US bikes.

On both sides of the pond, much of the carbon fiber parts are built by Akrapovic and aren't available to the public.

The second set of bikes under the Red Bull KTM MXGP tent for the weekend belongs to Glenn Coldenhoff, who's in his second year of MXGP racing, his first for Cladio De Carli's factory KTM outfit.

Coldenhoff's seat was a standard gripper cover, with one heck of a seta bump.

As with the US team, Red Bull KTM MXGP uses Neken triple clamps and Renthal bars. But, we noticed a small difference with using a GET mapping switch to control map changes on the bike.

It seems that GP riders are a bit more willing to run handguards when compared to the US riders.

Another small difference we noticed from the GP bikes was these rear brake hangars (KTM ones made by their hub sponsor, Kite) which allows for a slightly larger rear brake rotor from MotoMaster.

The only US-based Red Bull KTM 450 rider on hand was Dean Wilson, who was also on his last race aboard the factory KTM 450 SX-F, as he won't be racing for them next season.

On Wilson's bike, you can see the shorter headpipe the US team uses across all their 450 SX-Fs.

Along with the carbon fiber engine mounts.

We also noticed a difference in the way the ignition covers are prepped. The stock covers have ridges and other areas of raised material, which have been removed. On the GP bikes, these covers are polished down and look much rawer. Where the US ones have been re-coated once the material was removed.

Credit: ML512

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